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2021 Locals Love Us favorite club: Lions Club of Kingsland

The Lions Club of Kingsland is a 2021 Locals Love Us favorite club/organization. Staff photo by Jennifer Fierro

Twenty charities and nonprofits that deal with education, blindness, cancer, hunger, and loneliness benefit from the work of one organization: The Lions Club of Kingsland.

For its efforts, the Lions Club was once again voted a Locals Love Us favorite club/organization by The Picayune Magazine readers and KBEY 103.9 FM Radio Picayune listeners.

The Lions raise money through pancake breakfasts and golf tournaments, which they then dole out to a number of other organizations.

Club members also volunteer with other nonprofits the Lions support, such as the Salvation Army. During the holiday season, the Lions are Red Bucket Campaign bell ringers.“We have a great time,” said Past President Jim Chapman. “We’re known around the area as being philanthropic. We give all our money to different charities around the area.”

He noted people will give generously when they see the Lions raising money. Often, Chapman said, the donors have benefited from the Lions Club’s work.

“When we’re collecting money for the Salvation Army, people come and give us twenty-dollar bills,” Chapman said. “They say, ‘You’ve helped me in the past. You helped my kid with glasses.’ People are giving money because we’re the Kingsland Lions.”

Chapman said the Lions are happy to support nonprofits that are committed to bettering people’s lives.

“We give all that money to local charities, and all that money stays in Kingsland,” he said. “It makes me feel pretty good. Hopefully, we’re doing the right things. Hopefully, we’re doing the very things that not only are we a service for ourselves but we’re a service for our community.”

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