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Hamilton Pool’s new reservation system starts May 15

Hamilton Pool’s new reservation system starts May 15. Photo by JoAnna Kopp

Hamilton Pool Reserve is changing its rules for the upcoming summer season. Visitors will now need to make an online reservation in advance before visiting the pool.

In the past, visitors were able to enter the park on a first-come, first-served basis. Many visitors have been turned away at the entrance due to crowds, especially during the peak summer season.

A visit to Hamilton Pool is currently $15 per car, cash only, paid at the entrance. This will stay the same. Starting May 15, visitors will have to make an online reservation ahead of time: an additional $10 fee with a $1 credit card processing fee. To top it off, visitors will have to pay for parking once inside the reserve as well. This will bring the entrance fee to Hamilton Pool Reserve to $26 plus parking, though the cost is subject to change.

When making a reservation, visitors can choose to spend time at the pool from 9 a.m.-1 p.m. or 2-6 p.m. The park will be closed between sessions for maintenance (and to shoo out those who try to overstay their welcome).

The stunning waterfall has been named among the top swimming holes in the United States in many publications; a quick search on Google will prove it. Deservedly so: Hamilton Pool is an oasis in the middle of Texas.

The heightened fees and strongly enforced reservation system are sure to cause upset, but it is all in the name of protecting the park and its ecosystem. With the new system in place, Hamilton Pool will stay just as stunning for generations to come. Advance reservations will start mid-April.

For more information, take a look at the website.

Hamilton Pool Reserve is located at 24300 Hamilton Pool Road in Dripping Springs.

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