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Marble Falls a Highland Lakes Shopping Mecca

Stroll down Main Street in Marble Falls for a variety of locally owned businesses that reflect the individual culture of this historic community. Staff photo by Jared Fields

Attention, shoppers! Marble Falls retail adventures await. As the shopping mecca for the Highland Lakes, the town’s concentration of retail offerings range from the locally unique to big-box bargains. Shop national retail stores for everyday needs and local gift shops and boutiques for special gifts and personal style.

Though the population of Marble Falls is relatively low at about 6,500, its economy packs a punch. The impact of retail in particular makes up a large percentage of what drives the city’s economy engine. Walmart, H-E-B, Lowes, and The Home Depot are each listed in the top 10 employers in the city.

According to Christian Fletcher, executive director of the Marble Falls Economic Development Corp., the latest large expansions in the city are “a great indicator of not just what they can add to sales and employees but the health of the market.”

That includes several new fast food franchises, a new Bealls, and a bigger, better, state-of-the-art H-E-B. The new grocery store, for example, has a large selection of food, toiletries, and home goods, along with an array of new conveniences such as a drive-through pharmacy, online shopping, and curbside pickup.

Marble Falls is not just about its big-box stores either. Local businesses thrive in the city, particularly clothing, accessory, and sporting goods stores.

“There are more locally owned and operated businesses than big-box (stores) in Marble Falls,” Fletcher said. “Seven out of 10 new businesses are locally owned, and, personally, I feel good about that ratio.”

Marble Falls thrives on its hyper-local retail culture.

“I think we would start to feel very suburban and cookie-cutter without it,” he said. “We would not be the unique and vibrant community we want to be.”

The Marble Falls EDC is investing heavily in the downtown area. The core district, shops, and parks are being targeted for growth and development in a way that reflects on the history and heritage of community.

“I’m thrilled in where we are and where we’re going,” Fletcher said. “We can maintain that charm and character and heart of a small town. We have a lot of opportunities and energy you don’t see in towns of this size.”

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