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Redbird Ridge Wedding Venue a Hill Country Charm

Redbird Ridge is quintessentially Texan, offering striking views and unforgettable sunsets from its pavilion. Photo courtesy of Redbird Ridge

BURNET — Sweeping views of rolling hills, shady oak groves, and fields of wildflowers are what you’ll find at Burnet’s newest wedding venue: Redbird Ridge.

Built by hand over the past two years by Shannon and Steve Prothro, Redbird Ridge quickly gained popularity with seven weddings booked this spring alone.

The couple said they wanted to get into the industry for over 15 years. Their hearts were set on providing a venue for a wedding with a view. At Redbird Ridge, the Prothros have created a place for lovebirds to tie the knot in a striking landscape.

Shannon and Steve Prothro pursued their passion of providing a casual, rustic outdoor wedding venue. They built Redbird Ridge by hand in less than two years. Staff photo by JoAnna Kopp

“We got married at an outdoor place in Lubbock,” Shannon said. “I started thinking, ‘How neat would it be to provide this?’ Just the idea of being able to create a space, and weddings are so joyous.”

When the Prothros began to look for land, they had a few stipulations: There must be picturesque views and space for them to live on site. The prime spot was found right here in the Highland Lakes. Tucked away on a small road east of Burnet was a 14-acre lot with panoramic views of the Texas Hill Country.

The couple moved their family of four — they have two boys who are homeschooled — into a camper for five months until the house was built. Then, they were off to start their dream. The couple built the wedding venue in the span of a year and a half.

“It was on our hearts for a long time,” Shannon said. “It has come together. We’re finally seeing it.”

The 2,000-square-foot pavilion is open on three sides, offering unobstructed, panoramic views of the Texas Hill Country. Photo courtesy of Redbird Ridge

The venue includes a breezy, 2,000-square-foot pavilion that is open on three sides for unobstructed views. There is an oak grove, a bridal cottage, a pond, and a parking area that is out-of-sight from the festivities. The venue is pointed to the west for amazing sunset views.

“We just wanted to have something simple,” Shannon said. “There’s a lot of varieties of venues, but we wanted to have something that wasn’t going to break the budget for couples in a really nice Hill Country location.”

The Prothros built the entire property by hand; not a single bit of it was contracted out. This was not without the help of friends, who would come out to the property to help with building, landscaping, welding, and more.

A quaint house is set to the side of the pavilion. Its walls were pulled up in one day when several families came together to help. This became the bridal cottage, an elegant space for the bride and her company.

‘I think weddings are starting to break off from being such a formal affair,’ said Shannon Prothro, who built Redbird Ridge from the ground up with her husband. ‘A lot of people are turning to the casual.’ Many brides opt to wear airy, unconventional dresses paired with cowboy boots, celebrating the elegant yet rustic charm the venue offers. Photo courtesy of Redbird Ridge

The property, as a whole, is untouched. Shannon wants the space to remain authentically Texan and has been sure to only use native plants in landscaping. At night, the Milky Way illuminates the sky. The relaxed atmosphere welcomes all to have a good time, and the views are unforgettable.

Aside from providing the venue, the Prothros leave the rest up to their clients, inviting them to choose their own florists, caterers, and decorators to pull together the party. The ceremony can be near the oak grove, next to the pond, or in another charming spot on the property. The pavilion can be decorated and arranged according to any theme and color scheme.

“We let them do whatever they want,” Shannon said. “We want them to have it the way they want it.”

The capacity of the venue is set for 150, but the weddings are generally small and casual affairs, equal parts elegant and rustic with cowboy boots and airy dresses. All in all, Redbird Ridge is a romantic, cozy, and simple location to say “I do.”

Redbird Ridge is located at 1055 CR 334 in Burnet. For more information, visit or call (512) 790-4469.

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Congratulations Shannon and Steve! I'm so happy for you and the happiness you will bring to many couples. KUDOS!!!

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