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Book a boat in the Highland Lakes on

Platform-based boat rentals are now available in the Highland Lakes on Anyone interested in renting a boat to spend time on lakes Buchanan or Travis can easily find one by creating an account on the website or app. The company wants to expand in the Highland Lakes, especially on Lake LBJ. Boat owners can list their crafts for rent on the site as well.

You don't have to own a boat to take one out on the Highland Lakes. A platform for renting boats similar to Airbnb and Uber, connects boat owners with those who don’t own boats, but want to spend a day on the water.

“Our message is to bring boating to everyone,” said Val Streif, head of marketing for GetMyBoat, a business headquartered in San Francisco. “We want to get everyone out on the water we can.”

The company was co-founded by entrepreneurs Sascha Mornell and Rafael Collado, who noticed all of the boats sitting unused in slips when they were boating in San Francisco. The idea was to match people who don’t own boats but want to get out on the water with people who want to make some money off their crafts when not otherwise in use.

With 9,300 locations in 184 countries, grew to include other water sports and tour boat companies eager to take advantage of the free marketing platform.

“The platform charges a seven percent fee per booking,” Streif said. “If you listed all your boats and no one ever booked them, there’s no charge.”

The increased demand for renting boats makes that no-rental scenario unlikely, however.

“Texas has been a really great market for us,” Streif continued. “Our renter demand is starting to exceed our owners.”

Which is why the sales team has been concentrating on big boating lakes to enlist more available boats. With boats already on lakes Travis and Buchanan, they are looking to expand onto Lake LBJ.

Those interested in renting their boat out on the GetMyBoat app, can do so by visiting and creating an account. After adding the descriptives and a photo of the boat, they’re in business. The listing can be published or unpublished any time, so that it is not listed in off-seasons or when not available.

As for renting a boat, the process is just as simple. Create an account on, search by location, and click on the boat you are interested in to send a booking inquiry.

“Be as specific as possible about what you want,” Streif suggested. “Include the day, hours, whether or not you want a captain, the number of people coming. The captain (owner) will respond with an offer, and you can choose it and pay right there on the platform.”

After the deal is confirmed, the boat owner and renter are given contact information to handle the rest of the details, like where to find the boat, how to get the keys, and instructions on how to use the boat.

“It is up to the owners to follow all their local laws and regulations,” Streif said. “Our goal is to help people of every age, background, and budget to experience everything the water has to offer in a fun, safe way.”

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LanceP —
This is horrifying! Putting a bunch of people out on the lake in boats they are not familiar with, probably not familiar with boating laws, regulations, courtesy and etiquette... Good grief. No thanks.

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