Daniel Clifton

The Picayune & 101 Fun Things To Do Editor

When Daniel Clifton started at The Picayune and Victory Publishing in February 1998 as a staff reporter, he didn't drink coffee. Now, he doesn't venture far from a good cup of coffee, or a good story for that matter.

Daniel is the current editor of The Picayune and DailyTrib.com. Though he's the editor, Daniel still heads out regularly looking for stories around the Highland Lakes in order to connect people together. And it's a never-ending journey with some many interesting people and places in the area.

He can often be found with camera in hand or at least when a cup of coffee isn't. When he's not working, Daniel enjoys hanging out with his two boys, Luke and Zach, and his wife Sheri. They love exploring the local state parks and other activities, especially Sweet Berry Farm.

You can email Daniel at daniel@thepicayune.com
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