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Plant the perfect Easter egg

Last year’s plastic Easter eggs, tiny succulents, and a little dirt come together for the perfect holiday gift. Staff photo by David Bean

Upcycle plastic Easter eggs from years past into small, seasonal gifts so inexpensive you’ll want to hand them out to everyone you know. Or, arrange them around your home for a living Easter egg hunt. You also can use a variety of colorful eggs to create an attractive holiday centerpiece.

This DIY project is super-easy and quick. Here’s what you’ll need:

  • Large plastic Easter eggs (with halves separated)
  • Gold paint pen
  • Washers about the size of a nickel
  • Potting soil for cactus
  • Hot glue gun
  • Small succulent plants (the smaller the better)

Step 1

Hot glue a washer to the outside bottom of each egg half for the stand. Make sure the egg half sits level on the washer. The bottom, fatter half works best, but you can use both sides for potting.

Step 2

Using the gold paint pen, draw a line around the rim of each egg half. Free hand works best. Allow time for the paint to dry before proceeding.

Step 3

Fill the egg midway with several spoonfuls of soil, pressing it gently into the bottom. Place the succulent on the soil. Add more soil around the plant, again pressing gently so the plant is held firmly in place. Make sure the plant’s stem is above the soil.

Step 4

Use a small, dry paintbrush to clean around the rim, removing any dirt that spilled over.

Step 5

The best part: determining what to do with your sensational succulent egg pots. Happy Easter from The Picayune Magazine!

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