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Eight easy fixes when selling your home

Before putting your home on the market, give it a deep cleaning to remove odors from pets, mold, and smoking. Keep reading for seven other easy fixes to get the best offers.

Follow these tips for good impressions and even better offers

Attention to the right details can get you a better offer when selling your home.

“You want top dollar for your house,” said agent Suzanne Brown of Dale Brown Properties in Marble Falls. “Think about the first impression when people come into the home.”

Sellers don't need to spend a lot of money on redecorating. Instead, fix leaky faucets, annoying noises, or funny smells to make a good impression. The less that needs to be repaired, the faster the house will sell and at a higher price.

“If I notice that something is messy or broken, that one little thing may tell me that the house is not in good condition,” Brown said. “The primary thing to address is to make any necessary repairs, including a fresh coat of paint if necessary and regular maintenance.”


  1. Make sure overhead lightbulbs are working properly and are the same color.
  2. Remove odors caused by pets, mold, and smoking by deep cleaning.
  3. Patch holes in the walls left from removing pictures, drapes, or shelving. Make sure to match paint when patching. If the walls are white, you can use toothpaste.
  4. Replace leaky, old, or out-of-date faucets and water knobs. A dripping sink is not easily ignored.
  5. Check fire alarms to make sure they are working and replace old batteries. The sharp beep of a fire alarm that needs a battery gives an impression of poor maintenance.
  6. Replace any door handles that are discolored, worn out, or not working.
  7. Replace faded or broken electrical faceplates, a job that is cheap and easy to do with a flathead screwdriver.
  8. Check your HVAC system and repair it if necessary. A warm home showing on a hot Texas day will not be appealing to a buyer. Be sure to have fresh air filters at the start of your listing and replace them every 30 days. In addition to the repairs, remove clutter to create an open, appealing space where potential buyers can easily picture their own furniture.

“We suggest to our clients that they get an opinion from a Realtor or a home stager on how to showcase their house the best possible way,” Brown said.

Clear out closets, the pantry, and cabinets and put extra clothes, shoes, dishes, and personal items in boxes in the garage or a storage unit. Also, take down the multitudes of family photos to let lookers imagine their own pictures on the walls and shelves.

“After straightening and staging the house, the sense of pride of the owners is really great!” Brown said.

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