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The eagles have landed in the Highland Lakes

One of the so-called Texas 29 bald eagles. Photo courtesy of Gene McMurray

You might think you have to travel to Alaska or the Rocky Mountain states to spot a bald eagle — but you don't. Many bald eagles escape the cold and frozen lakes and rivers of the northern states by wintering here in the Highland Lakes.

One of the best places to see a wintering bald eagle is on the Vanishing Texas River Cruise. When Lake Buchanan is at a good elevation, the VTRC folks can cruise up the Colorado River above the lake where you can spot bald eagles hunting for fish or just perched in towering trees. But even if the boat can't make it up the river because of lake levels, a cruise on Lake Buchanan often leads to eagle spotting.

Another local hot spot in past years for eagle watching is along Texas 29 about halfway between Llano and the intersection of Texas 29 and RR 1431 in Buchanan Dam. A nesting pair of bald eagles returns every year for the winter season and have built a nest in the area.

Last year, a storm knocked over the couple’s nest, and officials believe the pair rebuilt a little off the roadway, so it’s not quite visible. But if you stop by in the morning, you might still see the eagles in flight. Call the Lake Buchanan-Inks Lake Chamber of Commerce at (512) 793-2803 for more up-to-date information on these eagles.

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