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Highland Lakes 'Fishing Report'

Highland Lakes fishing guide Jay 'Bird' Frasier. Courtesy photo

Here is the "Fishing Report" from Highland Lakes fishing guide Jay 'Bird' Frasier for July 9, 2020: Listen to "Weekly Fishing Report" on Spreaker.


Black bass — Good. Texas rigged worms and creature baits in 8-25 feet of water. Shakey heads and drop shots also producing fish. Topwater baits working well in the early morning.

White bass — Good on lipless crank baits and slabs on main lake humps and points. Schooling fish on the surface.

Crappie — Good on minnows and jigs in 15-25 feet around docks, ledges, and trees.

Catfish — Good on cut bait in 15-25 feet. Go deeper midmorning with Texas rigged sinkos and worms.


Black bass — Slow again this week. Topwaters working early.

White bass — Schooling on upper end of lake. Shad imitations and live bait working well.

Crappie — Slow. Small jigs and minnows producing fish.

Catfish — Good. Shrimp, chicken livers, and punch bait in 12-25 feet.


Black bass — Fair. Carolina rigs and deep diving crankbaits in 12-20 feet.

White bass — Good. Main points and humps. Fish still schooling.

Crappie — Fair. Small jigs and minnows in 12-25 feet.

Catfish — Good on punch bait in 8-25 feet.


Water temperature at 86.

Largemouth bass — Good. Deep diving crankbaits off points and ledges. Texas rigs and weightless sinkos in the brush. Topwaters working in the early morning.

Stripers — Good on live shad and slabbing spoons.

White bass — Good on minnows and slabs. Look for seagulls working the schools.

Crappie — Good on small jigs and minnows in 15-25 feet.

Catfish — Good on baited holes, prepared, and cut bait.


Largemouth bass — Good on topwaters and spinner baits. Fish docks in midmorning.

Hybrids and stripers — Live shad and rattletraps here.

Crappie — Good in 15-20 feet. Minnows working best.

Catfish — Good when generating. Cut shad best here.

Listen to the "Fishing Report" on KBEY 103.9 FM Radio Picayune or every Thursday at 6:45 a.m.

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