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How to Volunteer in the Highland Lakes

If you’re looking for how to volunteer in the Highland Lakes, you have come to the right place. Nonprofit organizations in Burnet and Llano counties typically have only small staffs to provide much-needed services to people in the Highland Lakes. They rely on volunteers to do everything from maintaining websites and answering phones to selling tickets at fundraisers. According to the Corporation for National and Community Service, 62.6 million Americans, 24.9 percent of U.S. residents, volunteered a total of 7.9 billion hours in 2015.

Finding the right volunteer opportunity in your area is not always easy. We think an even greater percentage of residents would volunteer in the Highland Lakes if finding the right organization to fit an individual’s skill set was a whole lot easier. Wish granted! The Highland Lakes Volunteer Guide at provides an all-in-one directory of nonprofit organizations in Burnet County and Llano County to browse.

The Volunteer Guide lists organizations under related topics to make sorting easy.

If “Arts and Culture” sounds interesting to you then maybe you’ll enjoy volunteering at a local museum or historical site. Click the icon of your choice for contact information as well as details about the nonprofit’s mission, needs, and upcoming fundraisers.

Before contacting a nonprofit, however, answer these few questions about yourself to better know what you might be able to offer the organization of your choice:

  • How much time can I volunteer each week, month, year?
  • What days of the week am I available or unavailable?
  • What talents do I have that match this charity’s mission?
  • What tasks am I unable or unwilling to do?
  • Why do I want to volunteer — to learn something new, meet new people, or feel fulfilled in helping?

If you’re not ready to make a regular commitment to volunteer for one particular organization, consider registering for one of the monthly Highland Lakes Volunteer Meetups. These events include multiple nonprofit organizations taking groups of volunteers for one day a month to work on specific projects.

The first meetup, which was held in March 2018, included a food pantry, a youth summer camp, and an animal rescue organization. Meetups offer a variety of opportunities and no pressure to do more than what you’re comfortable with. Be sure to look for signup opportunities posted on our Volunteer Guide. That’s how to volunteer in the Highland Lakes!

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