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2020 Locals Love Us favorite receptionist: Ashley Ellis of Marble Falls Middle School

The Picayune Magazine readers and KBEY 103.9 FM Radio Picayune listeners voted Marble Falls Middle School's Ashley Ellis their favorite Locals Love Us receptionist. Staff photo by Jennifer Fierro

Ashley Ellis' colleagues agree with The Picayune Magazine readers and KBEY 103.9 FM Radio Picayune listeners, who selected the Marble Falls Middle School staff member as their Locals Love Us favorite receptionist.

Ellis is in her third year in the middle school office.

“She’s kind and considerate and listens to people,” principal secretary Susan Beck said.

“She has a calm demeanor that makes you feel comfortable, and she handles a lot of situations at one time,” secretary Kris Neill said.

Ellis believes she was chosen because of how she treats people.

“I love working with not only the students (but also) the parents,” she said. “This is one big, giant family. It’s not always pretty, but we have to help in any way we can. Everyone needs a little love, even the angry mamas.”

The receptionist noted that by being the first one to listen, she can ensure positive conversations happen between campus decision-makers and a parent, especially if the parent is agitated.

“We smile and say, ‘It’s going to be OK,’” she said. “It is our job to make sure we can help everyone be levelheaded and calm.”

While addressing the needs of parents is a priority, Ellis noted the most important people are the students, who are still figuring things out.

“Middle school is an awkward age,” she said. “It’s weird, it’s smelly. Some kids struggle socially. Any positive we can bring to the student, I try to do that because I know they need it.”

That’s why she compliments them on new looks or grades or other accomplishments, a huge task since the campus has more than 960 students.

“We try to make sure we make a positive impact on every student’s life,” Ellis said. “I know some of them don’t get that love.”

The best piece of advice she gives them is to make good choices, and she's certain they hear her.

“I know they do,” she said. “They need to hear it.”

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