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2020 Locals Love Us favorite theater production: BETC's 'Cinderella'

Burnet Ensemble Theatre Company students Kelly Paik (left), Madison Caropepe, and Rebecca Westbrook. Staff photo by Daniel Clifton

In the Burnet Ensemble Theatre Company's version of "Cinderella," the main character doesn't just wait for Prince Charming to save her. She realizes she can change her life herself, no matter the circumstances.

The Burnet High School production last November resonated with audiences.

“I feel like they responded to our hard work,” said student Madison Caropepe, who played Cinderella.

And they did. The Picayune Magazine readers and KBEY 103.9 FM Radio Picayune listeners selected "Cinderella" as their Locals Love Us favorite theater production for the Burnet area.

Cast and crew explored themes and characters not often seen in the traditional version of the story.

“I think different parts of the story, you get to see some characters you don’t usually see, like the king,” student Kelly Paik said.

And some of the cast were able to step outside of themselves.

“I got to play a villain for once,” said Rebecca Westbrook, who was stepsister Henrietta. Westbrook added that Henrietta really wasn’t evil as much as “ditzy.”

The Burnet Ensemble Theatre Company is hard at work on its one-act play for University Interscholastic League competition. Students will perform “We Happy Few” by Imogen Stubbs. It’s the story of seven women who travel England performing Shakespeare during World War II.

The production's real-life setting is about as far from "Cinderella" as possible, the students said, and UIL one-act play rules are strict, right down to the amount of time students have to set the stage and perform during competition. Going over the time limit means all the hard work leading up to the contest goes out the window.

The students love the challenge, however, which is one reason locals love them.

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