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Try the calf fries at Castell Testicle Festival

The Castell General Store, 19522 RR 152 in Castell, hosts its 11th annual Testicle Festival on Saturday, May 21. photo

The Castell General Store serves up calf fries and more at the 11th annual Testicle Festival on Saturday, May 21, starting at 1 p.m. If you'd rather steer clear of this piece of bovine anatomy, you can stick to boiled crawfish. The festival also features live music and a washer pitching tournament.

The store is located at 19522 RR 152 in the tiny Llano County town of Castell, situated along the Llano River — if you'd like to cool off or wet a line while you're there.

The Castell General Store starts serving calf fries at 1 p.m. May 21 during the Testicle Festival. photo

The festival's musical lineup includes the Proctor Band, Aeryk and the Smokin’ Nuts, Braxton Keith, Dillion Finley, and Cold Beer and Nuts on the Llano River.

Sign up for the washer pitching contest starting at 1 p.m. Competition begins at 2 p.m. sharp.

For more information, call the Castell General Store at 325-247-4100 or visit its website.

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