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LEAF-less 2024 in Llano

The gateway to the 2023 Llano Earth Art Fest is an example of the natural sculptures that adorn Grenwelge Park each spring when artists from around the world descend on Llano for the event. LEAF has been canceled for 2024, but festival organizers hope to bring it back in 2025. Photo courtesy of LEAF

The profoundly popular Llano Earth Art Fest will not take place in 2024. LEAF leadership announced a pause in the festival due to an array of concerns, but true devotees can keep the party going, even if it isn’t official.

“We remain in awe and in gratitude to all of you who have, in previous years, made great sacrifices in order to bring this internationally recognized event to little Llano, Texas,” reads a post on the Llano Earth Art Fest Facebook page. “It has been an amazing ride.”

Each year since 2015, LEAF has drawn earth artists and enthusiasts from around the globe to the Texas Hill Country for a weekend of live music and entertainment, vendors, food, and fun, all on the banks of the Llano River, just a stone’s throw from downtown Llano. The biggest draw was the World Rock Stacking Championship, which in 2024 will be held on July 9-14 at the European Land Art Festival in Dunbar, East Lothian, Scotland.

LEAF organizers hope to bring the event back to Llano in 2025 as long as support for it remains strong. The recent Facebook post noted issues with finding adequate volunteers, scheduling conflicts, staffing issues, and sharing the spring with the April 8, 2024, total solar eclipse, which is expected to bring hundreds of thousands of visitors to the Hill Country.

“Our hopes and dreams are to bring LEAF back in 2025 in a grand way, better than ever,” reads the post. “We will need your support, your time, your energy and your love to make that happen.”

LEAF co-founder Binky Morgan told that earth artists will still likely visit the Highland Lakes in the weeks leading up to the eclipse, leaving room for impromptu get-togethers. She said the best way to keep up with updates regarding a future Llano Earth Art Fest is through the event's Facebook page.

Morgan also asked that anyone interested in volunteering for future LEAFs sign up online.

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