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Tips To Enjoy This Bluebonnet Season

Bluebonnets popped up earlier in the Texas Hill Country this spring. But how long will they last? Staff photo by JoAnna Kopp

BURNET — The bluebonnets are back in town, just in time for the 34th annual Bluebonnet Festival in Burnet.

The festival is April 7-9, but you don’t have to wait until then to enjoy the wonders of the bountiful state flower.


The bluebonnets seemed to come out early this year, blooming in some parts of the Highland Lakes as early as Valentine's Day.

Bluebonnet are fickle flowers: They like a wet fall and a cold winter. If everything goes according to plan, they thrive in the springtime.

If you want to take photos in a field of our state flower, we recommend finding a safe spot to do so. Don’t pull off on the side of the freeway and don’t trespass on private property.

Other etiquette tips to keep in mind while enjoying this season's wildflowers:

• Follow a path that has already been made,

• Sit on flowers that have already been flattened,

• Don’t create a new path and trample more flowers.

After the bluebonnets go away, keep an eye out for Indian paintbrush, black-eyed Susans and Texas mountain laurel, which have longer blooming seasons.

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