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NONPROFIT WISH LIST: Boys & Girls Club of the Highland Lake

The Boys & Girls Club of the Highland Lakes serves about 350 children a day across five locations. Executive Director Bill Drake, throwing the football at the Burnet club, said the organization is in need of snacks, play equipment, and No. 2 pencils, of which they never seem to have enough. Courtesy photo

You might expect a wish list for an organization that serves 350 kids a day across five locations to be so long that it hits the floor when unfurled.

That, however, is not the case for the Boys & Girls Club of the Highland Lakes.

Executive Director Bill Drake has four simple requests that just about anyone could contribute:

  • snacks and drinks
  • basketballs and dodgeballs
  • hula hoops
  • No. 2 pencils

Snacks and drinks are needed to help feed children during the Christmas break when the facilities are open more than 10 hours per day, Drake said.

“We typically have only one full meal to serve,” he said. “Peanut butter crackers, anything that is an individual snack. Juice boxes.”

Basketballs and dodgeballs are meant for the gyms, but they’re not always taken care of properly. They often find their way outside.

“If staff doesn’t catch it then they’re no longer ours,” Drake said about the balls.

Hula hoops are popular and just wear out. Pencils get used up quickly during projects and homework time.

If you’re considering volunteering your time to a local unit, the Highland Lakes Boys & Girls Club has one in Marble Falls, two in Burnet, one in Kingsland, and an extension in Granite Shoals. Visit to contact the individual unit about volunteering.

The website also has a helpful page you can visit to make monetary donations. You can choose the amount and if you’d like the money to go to a specific club.

The money goes to whatever need is at the top of the priorities list.

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