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Sharpen Your Barbecue Skills at BrisketU

Ken Reed will teach a BrisketU program on Jan. 18 at the Marble Falls Public Library as part of the new Marble Falls READS. Courtesy photo

As a gift from his daughter, Ken Reed attended a BrisketU course in Houston two years ago. At the time, Reed was pretty confident in his cooking skills, but that quickly changed during the class.

“I was shocked at how much I learned,” he said.

So much so that he asked the instructors about learning more to become a BrisketU teacher himself.

Since he was moving to Austin and the course founders wanted to expand there, it was perfect timing.

On Jan. 18, Reed will be in Marble Falls to give a free scaled-down version of BrisketU from 3-5 p.m. at the Marble Falls Public Library, 101 Main St. This is the second seminar that is part of the library’s new Marble Falls READS program.

BrisketU was designed for anyone — master grillers, competitive barbecue teams, and beginners — who wants to learn and improve on the No. 1 choice of barbecue eaters.

“We teach what persons working in their backyards need to know,” Reed said. “We go through the entire process.”

That includes how to pick the wood and get the pit or smoker prepared, how to choose the brisket from the butcher, how to trim it, season it, cook it, and all the other basic steps of serving mouth-watering brisket.

While a BrisketU class takes three hours, Reed will present a shorter version during his talk in Marble Falls.

“They’ll understand the process,” he said about those attending. “If they take detailed notes, they’d have real good guidelines on exactly everything they need to do.”

The instructor has taught the course to more than a thousand people.

Reed said brisket is a difficult meat to master for several reasons. First, just about every barbecue shop in the state serves a delicious brisket. Second, the meat comes from the lower chest of the steer, making it a bit tougher than other cuts. This requires the cook to show patience and resilience while barbecuing it.

Still, Reed assures attendees that if they follow his guidelines, they’ll have the confidence to cook their own and present a scrumptious meal at their next gathering.

Reed hopes to see a packed house in Marble Falls.

“If you love Texas, love brisket, and love barbecue,” he said, “come on out.”

Visit for more on Reed and upcoming classes. Go to, call (830) 693-3023, or visit the library to sign up or for more information.

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