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Bruce Robison on Globe Theatre Shindigs

Rolling Stone magazine called Austin singer-songwriters Bruce Robison and Kelly Willis the 'Texas-based Americana power couple' when it reviewed their album 'Beautiful Lie' in April 2019. Courtesy photo

UPDATE: This year's Holiday Shindig at the Globe Theatre was canceled after press deadline due to COVID-19. Although you can't go to Bertram to hear Bruce Robison and Kelly Willis perform live, you can still listen to the album and read about Robison's thoughts on playing the historic theater.

In an email interview with The Picayune Magazine, Robison reflects on what makes the Globe Theatre so special to him and his singer-songwriter partner and wife.

I don’t want to be weird, but (the Globe Theatre) has been there for decades, and to be the person that gets to be on that stage at that moment, even though that theater goes on before and after us, is something that gives you a little perspective on your place in line.

It’s hard to put your finger on why the audience being from that community somehow feels a little bit more familiar than it does in the bigger cities. It’s a real different, down-home kind of a feeling.

There is something about the vibe of our show that is different than other (Christmas) shows. It’s not too schmaltzy, it’s not too sugary. It feels real to me, and I hope it feels real to other people, too.

I really feel that this year the holidays are special. I know it’s going to make me think even more about how fortunate I am, where we are counting our blessings. I think this year, it’ll be that times 10 for me, while we find ways during times of adversity to still celebrate our lives and communities and our friends.

The Globe Theatre is located at 132 W. Vaughn St. in Bertram. Visit its website to see upcoming events.

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