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Burnet community aims to hit a million miles in April fitness event

BURNET — It’s time to take on the world. Or, at least, that’s part of the plan during Million Mile Month.

“It’s a worldwide event that is really about encouraging everyone to get up and get active,” said Rachel Denton, the Burnet Consolidated Independent School District and community organizer. Million Mile Month, sponsored by HealthCode, runs April 1-30, and gives individuals, organizations and communities a chance to encourage a more active lifestyle with a little friendly competition.

Last year, Burnet and BCISD finished in the top 15 in their respective categories — and that’s around the world. This year, both the city and the school district jumped off to a strong start with Burnet at No. 22 in the city division and BCISD hitting No. 27 in the organization division the first day.

But keeping those rankings and climbing higher will be tougher this year as more people join the Million Mile Month.

Competing is only part of the program.

“Yes, there’s a competitive side,” Denton said, “but the real reason for it is to get people more active and eating better.”

Participants log the number of miles they walk, run or cycle. Those numbers apply toward their individual rankings as well as city and/or organization listings. If a person is part of an organization that’s registered, their miles become part of the individual, city and organization tallies.

Denton added that it’s not just running, walking or cycling for which people earn “miles.”

“The website can convert other activities into miles or minutes,” she said.

Registering is a simple matter of going to and clicking on the “Get Involved” button.

Throughout the month, the website lists the top performers on the Leader Board, which can serve as motivation and inspiration.

The event isn’t just limited to Burnet residents and BCISD staff. Denton said many of BCISD employees and staff who participate live outside of Burnet, so their miles go toward the community in which they live.

“Other groups, organizations and churches can register as well,” Denton said. “It’s a fun way to encourage people to get active. And, hopefully, for those who are just starting to get active through the event, they’ll continue after April and the Million Mile Month ends.”

Cities themselves don’t have to register, the individuals within the community who register put the city in the event.

Even a person’s regularly daily activity can contribute. Last year, Denton said, one of her friends put a FitBit (physical activity monitor) on her young son, who promptly racked up 21 miles — in one day.

“Of course, he’s a young boy doing what a young boy did — going to baseball practice, running around and everything,” Denton said. “But the Million Mile Month, I think, helps us look at how active we are — or maybe how active we aren’t — and try to become a little more active. Or even a lot more.”

So, whether you run, walk, cycle, do yoga, kick box or something else, head over to, register, challenge your friends and colleagues and then get moving.

Contact Denton at or (512) 715-5190 for more information.

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