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Deep in the art: Llano Art Guild and Gallery

The newly renovated interior of the Llano Fine Art Gallery showcases an array of work from local artists. Staff photos by Dakota Morrissiey

A surprising number of stellar artists reside in the Deer Capital of Texas. The Llano Art Guild has been carving out a refined position in the Hill Country hideaway of Llano for over 50 years, and the result is an exceptional gallery featuring wildly talented local artists and a rotating exhibit of world-class work with deep roots in the Lone Star State.

The Llano Art Guild has transformed its once humble gallery space at 503 Bessemer Ave. into a formidable venue that elevates the work hanging on the walls. A swathe of renovations, years in the making, and the dogged determination of guild members are responsible for the Llano Fine Art Gallery's transformation.

The works of artist Sheri Zoch hanging in the Llano Fine Art Gallery depict wild animals using a unique fused-glass technique.

A fluctuating group of local artists have their craft on full display in the gallery, and no two styles are alike. Pastoral scenes of longhorns lazing in fields hang beside fabric masterpieces composed of vintage dresses from throughout the ages. Master molten glass work of African hoofstock sits across the room from framed photos of flowering yuccas. It is an eclectic yet homogeneous collection of art, bound together by the creator’s proximity to little old Llano.

The art guild took a huge step forward in 2022 with the formation of an ongoing exhibition series of heavy-hitting artists with a Texas connection. The current exhibition, as of Feb. 7, 2023, is Danny Kamerath, a woodworker who has had his sculptures displayed around the world.

The intricate woodworking sculptures of world-renowned artist Danny Kamerath, part of the Llano Art Guild’s exhibition series at the Llano Fine Art Gallery.

An interim exhibition of Llano-themed art from locals runs Feb. 25 through March 26. "The Llano Connection" will highlight choice pieces from guild members that exemplify the town.

“We’re trying to engage the community of Llano into fine art by bringing in really good, talented people into the gallery on a consistent basis,” said guild member Shirley Cunningham, who was the exhibition series instigator.

The guild has evolved over time, starting as a passion project of the Llano Woman’s Culture Club in the 1950s and eventually transforming into a growing collective of more than 30 local artists who are working to elevate the fine art scene in this rural community.

An assortment of sculptures from Llano Art Guild member Marla Ripperda are some of the newer additions to the Llano Fine Art Gallery.

Swing by the Llano Fine Art Gallery on a weekend and take in the art while you explore all that Llano has to offer.

The Llano Fine Art Gallery is open from 10 a.m.-4 p.m. on Fridays and Saturdays and noon to 4 p.m. on Sundays. Contact the Llano Art Guild at 325-247-4839 and keep up with its events via its website and Facebook page.

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