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Take a self-guided tour through Exotic Resort Zoo

A zebra and fuzzy antlered deer are just a few of the many animals living at the Exotic Resort Zoo in Johnson City, a 137-acre wildlife park. Staff photo by Alex Copeland

The Exotic Resort Zoo in Johnson City is still open for business with self-guided driving tours that bring visitors up close and personal to the animals while social distancing from humans.

As an extra bonus, for a limited time, visitors driving through during the coronavirus pandemic will receive a free voucher for a return trip when the world goes back to normal.

As your car rumbles over the first of a series of cattle guards, you’re greeted by a plethora of exotic animals desperate for your attention — and your food pellets.

Feed buckets, which are an optional expense on top of ticket price, are essential to luring exotic animals within range of petting.

As you drive through the open-air zoo, eager camels jam their slobbery snouts through open windows in search of food. Deer and antelope bleat as you rub their fuzzy heads. Buffalo lumber peacefully in front of your vehicle, oblivious to your presence. It’s a great way to both home school and get out of the house while still following social distancing orders.

Tours run from 9 a.m. to 6 p.m. with the last one leaving no later than 5 p.m. Tours last 45 minutes to an hour. Ticket and feed bucket prices vary.

You can find the Exotic Resort Zoo at 235 Zoo Trail near Johnson City on U.S. 281. Go to or call 830-868-4357.

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