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Run (or Walk) in Global 6K for Water in Llano on May 19 to Help People in Developing Countries

The Global 6K for Water starts at 8 a.m. Saturday, May 19, at the Llano Chamber of Commerce, 100 Train Station Drive in Llano.

LLANO — When you're temporarily without running water due to a line break, a plumbing issue, or a storm, you can just drive a short distance to the store to pick up a few bottles. It's only an inconvenience.

However, in many developing countries, being without running water often means walking 3 kilometers, or 1.86 miles, one way each day to get it then carrying home a 5-gallon container weighing 40 pounds when full.

Those tasked with this job are often women and girls, who face dangerous situations on their treks. Also, if girls are the ones getting the water, that means they aren't in school getting an education for a better future.

This bothered World Vision, the largest non-governmental provider of clean water in the developing world.

The group created its Global 6K for Water in which participants walk or run 6 kilometers, or 3.73 miles, in an effort to highlight the issue and raise money to help alleviate the situation.

Highland Lakes residents can participate in the event locally thanks to Lutie Watkins Memorial United Methodist Church in Llano. The Global 6K for Water starts at 8 a.m. Saturday, May 19, at the Llano Chamber of Commerce, 100 Train Station Drive. Registration is $50 per adult or $25 per child, and participants can either walk or run the course or “push a stroller,” said the Rev. Leslie Tomlinson of Lutie Watkins, who added that some children plan to carry a 5-gallon container to get an idea of what women and girls experience in other parts of the world.

Each participant receives a medal from World Vision, and those who sign up online at in advance get a World Vision T-shirt and a race bib, which has a photo of a child on it who will directly benefit from the race.

“Seeing that child, they know they are providing clean water to that community,” Tomlinson said.

The $50 entrance fee helps ensure people get access to clean water.

“It’s a blessing we take for granted,” Tomlinson said regarding running water. “I turn the water on, brush my teeth, bathe, water my plants. We take that gift for granted. There are so many around the world that don’t have that. It’s one of the global crises that we can solve. We can make sure everyone in the world has clean water.”

In 2017, the organization provided 3.2 million people access to clean water.

“That’s a lot more kids in schools and more families with proper hygiene and filtration,” Tomlinson said. “It changes a community when they get clean water.”

A World Vision goal is to create filtrated water systems and municipal systems for communities in developing nations, Tomlinson said.

Call the church office at (325) 247-4009 for more information about the program and the 6K.

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