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Hallmark Channel counts down to Christmas at Sweet Berry Farm

The Hallmark Channel picked Sweet Berry Farm in Marble Falls as one of a handful of pumpkin patches across the country to help kick off the channel’s Countdown to Christmas with special activities Oct. 23-24. Staff photo by Daniel Clifton

Sweet Berry Farm is bringing a touch of Christmas romance to the pumpkin patch as The Hallmark Channel stops by the Marble Falls attraction Saturday-Sunday, Oct. 23-24.

“They contacted farms in the area to see about holding some special activities for their Countdown to Christmas shows,” said Raelynn Copeland of Sweet Berry Farm. “And, they chose us. We’re one of only a few across the entire country, I think, they chose, so it’s pretty cool.”

The Hallmark Channel created special photo opportunities for the event and is giving away things such as festive pumpkin stencils, candy canes, and other items. The channel also will have brand ambassadors on site to visit with Sweet Berry Farm guests.

The farm is located at 1801 FM 1980.

“It’s a free photo op,” Copeland said. “We just thought it would be something fun for everyone. And who doesn’t like Hallmark movies, especially the Christmas ones.”

The Hallmark Channel has 15 new Christmas movies on tap this year. Countdown to Christmas begins Friday, Oct. 22, at 7 p.m. CST with new movies rolled out every Friday, Saturday, and Sunday at that time through Christmas.

The Hallmark Channel and Copeland are asking people to bring a warm coat to donate to someone who may need one this winter. The channel is teaming up with One Warm Coat for the effort. One Warm Coat is a national nonprofit dedicated to helping keep people warm with winter coats.

Kate Kelly of The Hallmark Channel said the channel will make an additional contribution to One Warm Coat.

While the partnership has meant a bit more work for Copeland, she doesn’t mind.

“We think it’s cool that they chose our farm,” she said. “We feel it’s pretty special that The Hallmark Channel is coming here to help kick off their Countdown to Christmas. We’re all excited.”

Of course with The Hallmark Channel aware of Sweet Berry Farm, the next question is who thinks Dan Copeland, one of the founders of the farm, should audition for a future Hallmark movie?

For more information on Sweet Berry Farm, its hours, and conditions, visit its website or follow its Facebook page or other social media.

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