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Don’t let COVID-19 scare away Halloween fun

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention advised against traditional trick-or-treating this Halloween and added trunk-or-treating, indoor parties, and haunted houses as high-risk activities. The CDC released its Halloween guidelines in late September, in time for pranksters, princesses, and promoters of The Great Pumpkin to make alternate plans.

In the Highland Lakes, Halloween celebrations most always include a trip to Sweet Berry Farm, where you can pick your pumpkin (or zinnias!), get lost in a maze, take a hay ride, sip and snack on seasonal flavors, and more, all outdoors with plenty of room to roam and social distance. Sweet Berry Farm is located at 1801 FM 1980 in Marble Falls.

Here are a few other ideas on how to keep the spirit of the holiday without it turning into a real nightmare.


Instead of handing out candy, hang it up.

  • Make a spider’s web using rope or string on a Hula-Hoop. Attach the treats around the web using clothespins. The web makes a great front yard decoration as well.
  • How about a Halloween tree! Pull that artificial Christmas tree out of the attic and set it in your yard or driveway. Decorate it with easy-to-remove Halloween treats. No artificial tree, no problem. Find a large branch, secure it in a plant pot or bucket, and hang treats on it. Get festive and decorate it with lights.
  • Short on time, string a rope up across the yard or a fence and dangle treats from the rope. Be sure it’s easy to see and remove it quickly when the treats run out so it doesn’t trip up anyone.
  • Really short on time, spread a sheet out on the drive or yard and scatter treats around. Take it up a notch if you have Twister. Costumed kids can spin for a color from which to select their treats.


  • Prior to Halloween, invite a group of friends to participate in a secret Boo Basket exchange. Fill a basket with seasonal candy and toys. Leave it anonymously by the front door of your Boo Buddy. Ring the bell and make haste! Parents should give a courtesy call in advance or at the time of delivery to let friends know they’ve been boo’ed!
  • Organize a Hallow-Zoom party. Come in costume and guess who's who. (You’ll have to remove your name from your Zoom thumbnail.) Play some online games or make Halloween crafts or simple treats together. Share your results through your computer or smartphone camera. Take pictures and text them to each other so you can all share in the memories.
  • Have a home Halloween treat hunt — just like Easter, only “eekier.” Put peeled grapes or cold, cooked spaghetti inside hollow eggs, and then have finders open them in the dark for a frightening feel of eyeballs and guts.
  • Make it a movie night with a lineup of Halloween-themed films and treats. Turn out the lights while watching.
  • Scare up a scavenger hunt — around the house or in the neighborhood. Enlist friends to help, but everyone should stay socially distanced and wear masks.
  • Get the neighbors involved by having a yard decorating contest or a small Halloween parade complete with costumed pets. March or bike down the street with popular Halloween music (“Thriller,” “Purple People Eater,” “Monster Mash.”) Set up a table of candy treats at the end of the parade for kids to grab and go, while staying 6 feet apart.

Have a happy and safe Halloween!

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