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A Guide to the Haunted Highland Lakes

What's the buzz at this movie-set-turned-Kingsland-eatery? Find out in the Haunted Highland Lakes guide. Courtesy photo

Just in time for Halloween, the Haunted Highland Lakes Guide will lead you on a trail of ghostly sightings and scream-worthy tales of tragedy and horror — all right here in the Highland Lakes.

Beware, for the ghostly gossip regaled in these tidbits of terror are all based on true tales. For example, we know a place to eat where cannibals used to dine. Now a restaurant, it was the house used in filming the original “Texas Chainsaw Massacre,” said to be haunted by a friendly ghost. May we have you for lunch sometime?

How about the creaks and cracks that invade the night at Enchanted Rock? Local lore attributes the sinister sounds to spirits seeking justice for Native Americans chased from their lands.

Or, what about the sounds of laughter coming from the Red Top Jail in Llano, even when it’s locked up tight for the night? That gallows on the top floor is no laughing matter.

Have you seen the mysterious boot prints at Old Oak Square in Marble Falls? Know why the old oak tree that shades the shops and tables is called a “hanging oak?” Keep the kids close.

And don’t forget Dead Man’s Hole, where Union sympathizers are believed to have been pushed to their deaths by supporters of secession.

That’s not all! From Kingsland to Burnet to Llano and Marble Falls, ghostly goblins come out to play, especially around Halloween, when somnolent spirits arise to restlessly stir the Hill Country nights.

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