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Dazzling drag show 'Fascination' March 14 benefits Highland Lakes Equality Center

Kara Foxx-Paris hosts 'Fascination' on March 14 at the Hill Country Community Theatre in Cottonwood Shores. The event benefits the Highland Lakes Equality Center. Photo by Tios Photography

The Haus of Fatale’s “Fascination” definitely earns the description of “spectacle.” Marking the return of the Haus of Fatale, this dazzling drag show on March 14 at the Hill Country Community Theatre supports the Highland Lake Equality Center.

“Fascination” is a costumed, Las Vegas-style extravaganza in four themed acts.

The event begins with dinner at 6:30 p.m. at the theater, 4003 FM 2147 West in Cottonwood Shores. Tickets are $35 per person, $60 per couple, or $100 for four and available through EventBrite. Food will be provided by Super Taco.

Hosting "Fascination" is Kara Foxx-Paris, an engaging personality who's skilled at getting the crowd involved in the theatrics. Throughout the night, Foxx-Paris will banter with the audience in her fun-loving, uplifting way.

Other performers include Emerald Foxx-Paris, Kian Alexander Fatale, Landon J. Fatale, Gypsy Rose Fatale, Paradox Rei, and Toni Andrews.

“Fascination’s” four themes each promise spectacular music, lots of laughter, and fun.

"Let’s Get Glam" opens the show with entertainers decked out in their shiniest, most glamorous costumes. "Back to the '80s" is a musical tribute to a decade. During "Movie Magic," performers present their unique take on iconic songs from the silver screen with help from the audience.

Finally, in "Our Stories," performers share their lives through words and song.

Every performance, every song, every part of the show builds upon the one before. It’s 90 minutes to two hours of over-the-top glamour, color, music, and fun.

Haus of Fatale’s “Fascination” benefits the Highland Lakes Equality Center, an organization that supports the LGBTQ community.

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