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Hill Country Humane Society Takes Pets on the Road with Show and Shine

Hill Country Humane Society's Show and Shine is 11 a.m.-1 p.m. April 22 at Horseshoe Bay Ace Hardware. See adoptable animals or take advantage of the nail clipping and microchipping services offered.

HORSESHOE BAY — While the Hill Country Humane Society has a nice facility in Buchanan Dam, the staff and volunteers sometimes have to take the show on the road.

On Saturday, April 22, the Hill Country Humane Society is holding one of its popular Show and Shines at Horseshoe Bay Ace Hardware, 9714 RR 2147. The event is 11 a.m.-1 p.m.

“It’s a good way to get the dogs — and we bring some cats sometimes — out of the shelter,” said Lynn Bishop of the Humane Society. “Also, some people aren’t going to come out to Buchanan Dam and the shelter, so it’s an opportunity for them to see some of the (dogs).”

During previous Show and Shines, shelter staff and volunteers have brought five to six dogs. The event, which Ace Hardware has hosted regularly for about a year, has led to adoptions. Steve and Peggy Jordan of Horseshoe Bay adopted their Cairn terrier, Buster, after Steve spied the dog at one of the Ace Hardware-Hill Country Humane Society Show and Shines. Bishop added that one of the Horseshoe Bay fire chiefs has also adopted a pup after seeing it at a Show and Shine.

Along with introducing dogs and cats to potential forever homes, the Show and Shine also gives Humane Society staff and volunteers a chance to mingle with folks who they might otherwise never meet. They can share the mission of the Hill Country Humane Society as well as connect some pets to future homes.

“We’ve had some people volunteer with us because of (Show and Shine),” Bishop added.

The event also gives lets the dogs experience a social setting. Though the Humane Society staff and volunteers regularly work with the dogs and cats at the shelter, it’s always good to expose them to new settings and different people.

If someone connects with a dog or cat during a Show and Shine, they still must go through the regular adoption procedures, which includes a trip to the Buchanan Dam shelter.

Bishop said that’s a good thing.

“You don’t want to have a spur-of-the-moment adoption,” she said.

Along with the dogs and cats, the Humane Society will offer microchipping for $25 and nail trimming for $5.

“Microchipping is wonderful,” Bishop said. “We’d love to have every (dog) microchipped.”

During the process, a Humane Society staff member places a microchip between the animal’s shoulder blades. Then, the owner’s name and contact information is uploaded into an extensive database.

“If the dog gets lost and ends up in the vet’s or at a shelter, we can scan it for the microchip,” Bishop said. “Then, we can check the database and find the owner.”

As a shelter, the Hill Country Humane Society takes in a number of lost dogs and cats. They have someone dedicated to reuniting those animals with their owners, but it can be difficult if the animal’s collar is missing or it doesn’t have tags. A microchip, Bishop explained, won’t get lost.

Pet owners are encouraged to bring their pets for the microchipping and/or nail trimming.

The Hill Country Humane Society is located at 9150 RR 1431 in Buchanan Dam. Call (512) 793-5463 for more information.

Plus, make it a point to stop by Ace Hardware in Horseshoe Bay on April 22 to visit the dogs and meet some of the Humane Society staff and volunteers.

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