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Pick Your ‘Punishment’ at Hill Country Trivium Races in Marble Falls

The Hill Country Trivium is Nov. 12 in Marble Falls and features 50-kilometer, marathon, and half-marathon courses.

MARBLE FALLS — Somewhere back in the recesses of Brad Quinn’s brain, behind that beard and innocent-looking smile, lies a bit of cruelty. Not much; just enough to give a person pause as they head to the “turnaround” on the initial leg of the annual Hill Country Trivium.

“I’ve changed the course up a bit this year,” said Quinn, who is the race director, founder, and brains behind the annual event, which features 50-kilometer, marathon (26.2 miles), half-marathon (13.1 miles), and 10-kilometer courses.

You pick the distance; Quinn picks the punishment.

The Trivium, which is Sunday, Nov. 12, takes runners out of the Marble Falls High School stadium and on a course that definitely rivals the beauty of any other. That Hill Country beauty comes, of course, with a few hills, including a nice one on Mormon Mill Road and another good one (or two) on CR 341. It really does live up to its billing as “The Toughest Marathon in Texas.”

In previous years, the course took runners north on Mormon Mill Road to CR 341 then out to RR 1431, where they turned around and headed back to Mormon Mill. Depending on the distance, competitors would then return to the stadium or turn north on Mormon Mill Road before ending up at the stadium.

The 10K participants don’t run on 341 but turn back to the stadium while on Mormon Mill Road. Half-marathoners (or Thirteeners) take a jaunt down 341 but turn around and return to the stadium before reaching 1431.

The new “modified” course has 50K’ers and marathoners going all the way to 1431 and returning to Mormon Mill Road then turning back to run CR 341 again.

Quinn realizes there’s a fine line between making a course challenging and darn unbearable, but he thinks people will appreciate this new version.

“It’s definitely going to be an experience,” Quinn added, again offering that rather Machiavellian grin.

When the runners cross the finish line at Mustang Stadium, they’ll have something special waiting for them: a slice of Blue Bonnet Cafe pie. Once again, David and Lindsay Plante and John and Belinda Kemper from the Blue Bonnet Cafe are dishing out the treat to racers.

“We’ll also have live music again,” Quinn said. “Nate Guthrie will be playing.”

Guthrie plays the mandolin and leans toward Americana music.

Along with the Trivium distances, people can also participate in the Phoenix Center of Marble Falls Family Fun Run. This event takes place twice: once at 5 p.m. Saturday, Nov. 11, and again at 9:30 a.m. Sunday, Nov. 12.

There is no fee to participate in the Family Fun Run, but donations are appreciated. All donations for the Family Fun Run go to the Phoenix Center of Marble Falls, which provides a wealth of mental and emotional health services for Highland Lakes children. Go to for more information on the center.

As for the Hill Country Trivium, the races are staggered starting at 7 a.m. People can still register or get more information at

Quinn is also offering a unique opportunity for middle and high school students interested in participating in any of the Hill Country Trivium races.

“If they’ll shoot me an email, I’ll enter them and waive the entry fee,” he said. “I’m trying to encourage kids to get out and run and just be active.”

Email Quinn at for youth entries or more information.

Registration will continue right up until the moment the starting pistol goes off.

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