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Put Your Best Foot Forward at Hill Country Trivium in Marble Falls

The fifth annual Hill Country Trivium features distances of 10 kilometers, a half-marathon, a marathon, and 50 kilometers. You can also take part in the 1-mile Phoenix Center Fun Run, which is a great way for families to get moving together. The Trivium is Sunday, Nov. 11, and starts at Marble Falls High School’s Mustang Stadium, 2101 Mustang Drive. Go to for more. Courtesy photo from Tejas Trails

The Hill Country Trivium features 10-kilometer, half-marathon, marathon, and 50-kilometer distances that are typically tackled by more experienced runners. However, event founder Brad Quinn is encouraging everyone to try them.“Not everyone has to run,” said Quinn of Tejas Trails, which organizes the event. “I just want to get people out and get them moving. You know, we spend so much time sitting at our desk or in front of some screen, we don’t move as much as we should. It’s not healthy.”

The Trivium returns for its fifth year Sunday, Nov. 11, at Mustang Stadium, 2101 Mustang Drive in Marble Falls. Races start at 7 a.m. and later, depending on distances, with courses winding through the surrounding Hill Country.

Admittedly, even the shortest course of 10 kilometers (just over 6 miles) might be a bit long for someone not used to running long distances, but it’s a goal you can work toward. To make it easier, bring a friend for support, take breaks, and walk some sections.

“Yes, it’s a race, but it’s also a community of people who turn out and support each other,” Quinn added. “Runners are always willing to help each other out and encourage people just starting.”

If you’re still hesitant about taking on a long-distance race, the Hill Country Trivium also includes the Phoenix Family Fun Run, a 1-mile event, starting at 9:30 a.m. the same day. It’s a free, untimed run (or jog or walk) looping around a dirt road adjacent to the stadium. The fun run supports Phoenix Center of Marble Falls, an organization that provides high-quality mental health care to Highland Lakes children and families. Go to to learn more.

The fun run is great opportunity for a family to come out and walk (or run) the course together.

Quinn and Tejas Trails create an upbeat atmosphere at all running events.

“We’ll have live music,” Quinn said. “And, once again, finishers have a piece of Blue Bonnet (Cafe) pie waiting for them at the finish line.”

Medals and awards for top finishers in each category are created from artwork by youths in the Phoenix Center art therapy program.

“Also, we’re still supporting any local student who wants to come out and run any distance,” Quinn said. “Just email me (, and we’ll get them set up.”

You don’t have to register and run to see what the Hill Country Trivium is all about. You can just swing by for a few minutes and check out the event to learn more.

Then, maybe start thinking about participating in next year’s Trivium.

“Even if they don’t run (in the Trivium), I want to encourage people to do some, become more active,” Quinn added. “It’s good for you.”

Go to to register or for more information on other events.

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