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AquaBoom Arts and Crafts Show Overflowing with Great Buys

Expect to find handmade and homemade products at the Kingsland AquaBoom Arts and Crafts Show on July 1.

KINGSLAND — If a record existed for the number of vendors at the Kingsland AquaBoom arts and crafts show, Rhonda Coker will probably shatter it.

That’s because AquaBoom organizers anticipate more than 55 vendors to participate in the show, which is 9 a.m.-5 p.m. Saturday-Sunday, July 1-2, at the open field located at 1341 RR 1431 behind M&M Donuts.

Coker is the main person organizing this year’s arts and craft show.

“It’s one of our biggest, most exciting events,” AquaBoom chairwoman Wendy Taylor said. “(Coker) has reached across state lines to get vendors from around the country. We get excited if we get 25, but as of (June 21), we had 55, and registration forms are still coming in.”


Taylor said shoppers will find lots of one-of-a-kind items, but aside from that, Coker has been very selective about which vendors were chosen to participate, Taylor said. The committee didn’t want to have a handful of crafters selling the same pieces.

Coker has carefully reviewed each of the products and feels confident about the quality of the goods,Taylor said, noting committee members have kept in mind that most families are on tight budgets.

“She’s gone to all the festivals in the last couple of months and is very intimately involved with the vendors,” Taylor said. “We’ll have vendors who’ve never been to the area before as well as the locals. Our main goals are that shoppers feel good about their buys and that vendors make money. We want it to work for all.”

Ultimately, Taylor said, the hope is that when a shopper displays what they purchased and receives a compliment, that person will tell others where they purchased it – and encourage them to check out AquaBoom in 2018.

In addition to the arts and crafts show, Coker also organized the children’s activities, including free pony rides, inflatables, a braiding booth, and the Fly the Earth educational exhibit. Shortcake the Clown also will be on hand.

The gang from KBEY 103.9 FM Radio Picayune will be doing a live broadcast from the event.

The activities coincide with the arts and crafts show, which is part of the larger AquaBoom celebration of Independence Day on July 1-4 in Kingsland. Go to for more information.

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