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NONPROFIT WISH LIST: Kingsland Meals on Wheels

Ed Mampel, a driver for the Kingsland area’s Meals on Wheels, picks up food ready to be delivered from Nita Burton, the nutrition site manager. Staff photo by Jennifer Fierro

A visitor walked into the Windwood Community Center and interrupted a conversation that Nita Burton, nutrition site manager of the Kingsland area Meals on Wheels program, was having with another guest.

The visitor read a text message from an individual who wanted to make a donation to a nonprofit that serves the elderly and thought of the food program.

Burton immediately asked for a card to give the address of the facility for the donation, noting that type of donation doesn’t happen often.

The program, which delivers balanced meals to residents living in Kingsland, Sunrise Beach Village, and Buchanan Dam, is for people and primary caregivers 60 years or older and non-parental caregivers 55 or older of an adult with severe disabilities.

Staff members also provide lunches to the Highland Lakes Senior Center in Kingsland on Tuesdays and Wednesdays.

The program is part of the Hill Country Community Action Association, which has been providing meals to the elderly for more than 30 years.

Staff members determined that the cost for each meal, when adding in kitchen costs, clean-up, paper goods, center staff, and salaries, comes to $7.25.

While the organization asks individuals to make a suggested contribution of $3 for each meal, Burton said very few have the money. But that doesn’t stop meals from being delivered to them, she added.

Aside from monetary donations, Burton said drivers also are needed. Some businesses have employees who volunteer to take meals during their lunch hours. She added the destruction of the RM 2900 bridge in Kingsland has made the challenge of feeding Sunrise Beach Village residents more difficult because deliveries must be taken through Marble Falls, a 72-mile round trip.

“They’re getting frozen meals once a week,” she said. “Drivers are needed however often they want to do it. It’s up to the drivers how often they want to deliver.”

Call (325) 388-4608 to volunteer, make a donation, or determine eligibility for meals.

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