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Lampasas celebrates with weeklong Spring Ho

Although 'spring' is in its name, the summer Spring Ho festival in Lampasas actually celebrates the city's springs. Staff photo by Jennifer Greenwell

First off, the name has nothing to do with the season.

The Spring Ho festival in Lampasas celebrates the city's springs — as in water — and it takes place in the summer. "Ho” is just an old-fashioned exclamation, like what settlers might have shouted to each other as they came across those life-giving springs.

And you'll exclaim, too, when you see all the fun packed into the weeklong event. The 2019 festival is July 8-14.

The event kicks off Monday, July 8, at 6:45 PM with live music at the Ruth Eakin Outdoor Theater followed by opening ceremonies at 7:15 PM then the Spring Ho Beauty Pageant.

On Tuesday, July 9, is the Hayloft Party at 6:30 PM, also at the theater. Admission is $5 per person.

After that, the rest of the days are overflowing with activities.

On Wednesday, July 10, the Kiddie Fishing Derby takes place in the morning, and Gospel Night performances are that evening. The day ends with a fireworks display at 9:15 PM in W.M. Brook Park.

On Thursday, July 11, there are the county fair exhibits, an arts and crafts fair, pony rides, water slides at W.M. Brook Park, and dry inflatables at Hancock Springs Park. A $15 wristband gets you access to both jump parks.

And you can show off your moves in the dance contest at 7 PM at the VFW hall, 481 US 183 North. On Friday, July 12, the Diaper Derby is at 8:30 AM, while the pet parade begins at 9:30 AM, both at the Courtyard Square bandstand. A host of other things are scattered throughout the day, including county fair exhibits, a barbecue cook-off, children's activities such as face painting, a petting zoo, water polo, and the jump parks, and live entertainment.

At 8 PM is the Spring Ho dance on the Courtyard Square featuring Johnny Bush and Moe Bandy. Tickets are $20 cash only at the gate. BYOB, but no glass containers.

Make sure to stretch for activities on Saturday, July 13, which start with the 39th annual 10K, 5K, and 1-Mile Run. The schedule also includes a 42 tournament, a barbecue cook-off, the grand parade at 11 AM, the jump parks, washer and horsehoe pitching, kayak races, water sports, and more live entertainment.

The day ends with another dance at 8 PM featuring Shane Smith and the Saints. Tickets are $30 cash only at the gate.

Spring Ho winds down on Sunday, July 14, with an arts and crafts fair, concessions, and pony rides at W.M. Brook Park and the water slides and dry inflatables.

What a way to celebrate the springs of Lampasas.

For a complete schedule of events with times and details, check out the Spring Ho website.

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Travis Boater —
I see that you have toned down the headline for this story. It's more tasteful than the one I got in the newsletter "Spring Ho Overflowing With Fun" You don't need to be Fellini to extract the absurdity.
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