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Program: Don’t Freak Out in a Disaster, Bug Out with an Emergency Grab Bag

Instructor Wayne Bennett holds his 'bug-out' bag that he fills with important items in case he has to evacuate his home in a hurry. Bennett is teaching a free seminar, 'What to Put in Your Bug-Out Bag,' from 10-11:30 a.m. Saturday, May 5, at First Baptist Church, 901 La Ventana Drive in Marble Falls. Courtesy photo

MARBLE FALLS — Wildfires and flooding in Bastrop County and nearby places caught the attention of the Legacy Ministry 55+ Purposeful Living leaders.

“People not too far away lost everything,” Legacy Pastor Weldon French said. “So what do you grab as you leave in an emergency?”

That question prompted Legacy leaders to organize the “What to Put in Your Bug Out Bag” seminar, which is 10-11:30 a.m. Saturday, May 5, at First Baptist Church, 901 La Ventana Drive. There is no cost to attend.

Though the Legacy Ministry is for ages 55 and older, French said everyone is invited to the May 5 program.

The seminar will be taught by Wayne Bennett, who has attended the Austin Disaster Relief Network conference. This event trains people on what to do during a disaster, including being prepared to stay in one place, evacuating, and helping others.

Since receiving that training, Bennett has helped a woman who lost everything in fire while living in Leander. The only clothing she had left was what she was wearing. She was barefoot because she left the house without shoes.

Bennett will emphasize the need for a bug-out bag and what to put in it, including copies of important documents and escape routes.

French said bug-out bags are good for any type of disaster, especially fuel spills, gas leaks, floods, fires, and tornadoes — unfortunate events that could happen in the Highland Lakes.

“Anything that would cause authorities to come knock on your door to tell you to evacuate,” French said.

The Legacy Ministry was created to empower adults ages 55 and older to live better lives. The events are centered around activities that teach skills, mentorships, or volunteer opportunities. Some members build wheelchair ramps, while others work with young people to help them reach their goals.

Legacy leaders also organize activities that promote good health such as playing pickleball, hobby sharing, and health fairs. They plan day and overnight trips, have monthly potlucks, and offer classes on preventing identity theft, learning how to operate computers and smart phones, and other activities that enrich lives.

Call (830) 693-4381 or visit for more information.

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