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2018 Letters to Santa

The jolly man in red and white is checking over his list before the big day.

What are the good little boys and girls in the Highland Lakes asking Santa Claus for this year? Keep reading to find out.

Dear Father Christmas,

I know you from time to time to get house to house in one night. Most of the kids in my shcool don’t belive in you Father Chistmas. They have no Cristmas spirit anymore. They think it is their parents.

I have been a good girl. I would like a new fuzzy jaket and a new phone and a toy horse.

I hope you have a Merry Merry Chirstmas.


Dear Santa Claus,

Hi! It’s me Madi! I can’t wait for you to come. I’m so excited for Christmas! I want a lot Christmas! First off a new blue, teal or red bike. I know you were probably thinking pink or purple, but, no, I don’t like those colors. I’m not some girly girl. I’m a tomboy. I like dinosaurs and I usually don’t play with Barbie dolls. In fact, I don’t even have one! In my opinion, I think they’re creepy. Plus, Santa, no offense but I think Elf on the Shelf is creepy too. I’m going to tell you my top 4 presents I would like.

Thay are:

1. IPhone 10

2. Camra

3. Pool

4. Horse


Dear Santa Clos,

Can you give all of my pesents to the sick chlbren in the hospital, the homeless, and those that are in the orphanage.


Dear Santa,

I loved the gift that you gave me last year. Tank you!

I know this is vary hard job but you are awesome at it.

I have been thinking about what I wont for Christmas.

I would like the Lego Lockwood Escape set.

Tell Elfy I said hi.


I hope you like my cookis and milk.

Santa, you make the best Christmas for everyone in the world.

I hope you, Mrs. Claus and the elves have a wonderful Christmas.


Dear Santa,

Thanks for the gifts you gave me last year, I love them! Are any of your reindeer girls this year? I can write in cursive a little. How is Mrs. Claus doing? I believe I’ve been good, so I’m going to tell you the 3 most things I want:

1. L.O.L House

2. L.O.L.’s

3. Camera

Answer my questions on the paper I give you.


Dear Santa Claus and family,

Have a warm place to rest after your hard work.

I love you Santa Claus.

What I want for Christmas is Legos and remoto control Lambroghini car. And thank you, Santa Claus.


Dear Santa Claus,

Is it fun to jump in a chiminey?

No. Yes. Circle 1.

How many presents does your elves make in one day?

Please get me one present. I want it to be a mystery.

Merry Christmas!


Dear Santa,

Thank you for the present you gave me last year. I had fun opening them. I bet it is hard delivering presents in one night.

I think my behavior has improved and I hope I’m on the good list.

Here are the three thigs I want.

1. Slippers

2. Xbox one + fortnite

3. Legos

I want other thigs too, but thes are my top three.

I hope the elf grows up.


Dear Santa,

Thank you for the Zoomer Kitty. Thank you for being the coolest. Can you please give me a good Christmas? I hop you have a great Chrismas. I lov you.


Dear Santa,

I hope you have a safe trip. Do not fall of a chimne. Be for I forget don’t go duwn the chimme, the fire will be on. And what cookie do you like? I want a drone because they are cool and I whant to fly it. My Mom whants a house. She deservs it cause she is the Best Mom in the would.


Dear Santa,

Thank you for the awesome presents last year. Your elves work so hard and you travel all over the world in one night. That seems impossible. You might not know it, but kids love you. I think I’ve been good. These are the top 5 presents I want for Christmas: Nintendo Switch games, V bucks, basketball shoes, xbox 360 games, arrows, that’s my top 5.

I hope you and Mrs. Claus have a good Christmas.


Dear Santa Claus,

Thank you for the Hatchimal last year and all my other presents. I really enjoy them. I bet you make 1,000,000 toys a year for kids around the world. I have been good because of my actions and words. These are some of my things I would like …

1. Apple Watch

2. Bath and Bodyworks supplies

3. Art supplies.

Those are my most wanted items.

I hope you and Mrs. Claus have a great Christmas!


Dear Santa Claus,

Thank you for the joy of last year and the presents. This year I don’t want to be greedy. Can I please go to Disney World? And I want to see the Disney chareters at Disney World. And this year I will give you happiness, joy and love. And two more thaings is I want notebooks and art stuff.

I wish you a mary Christmas!


Dear Santa,

I love last years’ gifts from you. I know your elves woked hard. I love you and please tell Ralphie and Rebecca that I love them too. I know you werk really hard and I appreciate it. I would really like to have a telescope.


Dear Santa,

Thank you for the toys last year. You have made me happy for all these years.

Can I have a robot and Nintendo Switch for Christmas.


Dear Santa Claus,

Thank you for the magnifisent presnets last year. I know it takes a lot of work to read mail and make sure the elves don’t hoarse around during the sheludule. I know I’ve been half good this year. There are many thing’s I want but these are the main things a John Deere knife, Yeti mug, Nintendo Switch and a smart watch. But make sure to sleep well on December 23rd. I hope you have a marvouls Christmas.


Dear Santa Claus,

I am happy because the gifts you gave to me, sister, and brother.

I hope that you finish delivering your gifts early. Is Rudolph still working with you? I have been good this year. I would like to have

1. Funivison Murch

2. the poor people in Mexico to have Happy Christmas

3. Go Pro and

4. 50,000 V Bucks

5. Pat and Jan in the Minecraft Book

6. Apple Watch

7. 2 games for my Nintendo


Dear Santa,

Thank you for my doll house last year. I know you work very hard to take care of your reindeer. I have been thinking and I have been good this year.

For Christmas, I would like:

1. Bike

2. Barbie bol

3. American Girl Doll accessories

4. LOL little sister doll

5. Phon

I hope you, your family, and pets have a great night.


Dear Santa,

Thank you for the wonderful gifts last year. They were perfect and I loved them! I know you are nice and your elves. I’d like for Christmas is a batgirl scooter, a doll house, dolls, Hatchimals, LOL dolls, Pikmi Pops, Pink lasso, Cowgirl dolls small, Cowgirl hat, Trolls gloves, C.U. Books all of them.

Santa, I’ve been thinking about this year and I believe I’ve been good.

I hope you and your family have a warm place to rest after your hard work.


P.S. Please and thank you.

Dear Santa,

Thank you for the awesome presents from last year. I loved them! I know that your reindeer are in the cold so they might get sick. So you might want to get extra reindeer! I would like 3 thing for Christmas:

1. ipad

2. apple watch

3. 2 rabbits


How do you go hosea to hosea in one night? Have a wodful Christmas!


Hi Santa

My name is Natalie. I love Christmas so much because it’s my favrite holiday. Every year I backe some ymy coockies for you but this year I’m makeing stackings for Chrismas.

My mom and sister are going to help. The reason why my favrit year is becuse you leave prents for us. And I made choclet milk for you and I made a list fer Chrismas. Because it was Cheyenne’s idea to make the list.


Dear Santa Clous,

I know you have been working from day one of december. I also know you and your elves have been working hard. Thank you for gifts last year.

For Christmas I would like:

1. Ninetendo Swith

2. Nerf Gun

3. Shot gun

I hope you and your family have a merry Christmas.


Dear Santa,

Thank you for all of your service for all my eight years.

I know all of your reindeer names, especially Rudolph the Red Nose Reindeer.

I’ve been very good this year and I hope that you and your family have a very good new year.

I have three things for Christmas:

1. Art kit

2. baby husky

3. Camera


Dear Santa,

I know your elves are working making presents but you’re working to make sure everything is working. Evre year you bring presents for the children. You make them very hapy. Santa I have been a good boy and I wolde like these things:

1. Smsh Bros

2. amibo

3. Robot fathers


Dear Santa,

Thank you for the gifts last year! Thay were awesome, but the four wheeler was amazing! I was very thankful for it! I know you and your elves do not need to give me any thing because all I need is family. These are the three things I want for Christmas.

1. Remote control plane

2. Nerf gun

3. Rifle

I know you are a generous man and kids everywhere love you.


Dear Santa,

“Howdee fella!” My name is Blake. Thank you for always receiving all the gifts! For Christmas please get new shoes for Colton. Make the shoes Nike pease. Get him a toy robot pease. And pease get me a nindtendo switch. Thank you again. I love Christmas!!!!!


Dear Santa,

Hello my name is Skyler. Thank you for every thing. I need cosmo. I want 9000.000.000$ + 90090.$. X box 12. 9L99S cus I am sharing this with evere one. I need a elf.


Dear Santa,

Hi! My name is Coy. Thank you for giving me toys for Christmas. I want a IPhone 10 an TV cookies and I want a roulcar. I need sokse. I have been doing my homework. Your in the budum of my hart. I will love you at all times. I want to sit on your lap. I hope your not sike.


Dear Santa,

Thank you for celebrating Jesus’ birthday.

Merry Christmas.


Dear Santa,

I hope you have a good year. I just want to tell you what I want for Christmas. Can I have a remote control car for my dolls, a kitchen for my dolls, a ice cream truk for my dolls, six sleeping bags for my dolls, fuzzy socks, house slepers, some legos, Christmas scarvs. And have a merry Christmas.

To: Santa

From: Chloe

Dear Santa,

How is this year going? Are the elves doing ther work? How is Blitzen? May I have a case for my guitar, smasher basketball, charm bracelet and kintten.


Dear Santa,

I hope the elves are makeing toys rit nall and I hope Comt is not eeting candy and Blitzen is not eeting candy and can I please get a Fingerling.

Merry Christmas.


Dear Santa,

I hope you have the best Christmas ever and that a lot of pepol are on the good list and not a lot of pepol are on the bad list. but I hope the Elvse are makeing a lot of toys for us and I hope Mrs. Claus is good and you to and the Elvse’s. Mary Chrismas.


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