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Horseshoe Bay Couple Start Matching-Funds Campaign for Living Love Animal Rescue Clinic

Roger (left) and Geneva Dalton present their $5,000 contribution to Claire Edwards, president of Living Love Animal Rescue. The donation kicks off a matching-fund campaign for the shelter’s clinic. Pictured are Roger Dalton (left) with Samson, Geneva Dalton with Prada Bella, Claire Edwards, Living Love gift shop manager Sandra Santee, and Living Love cattery manager Rosalie Brosh (back). Courtesy photo

MARBLE FALLS — A Horseshoe Bay couple is committing $5,000 to help Living Love Animal Rescue create a clinic and isolation room at one of the organization’s current facilities.

Geneva and Roger Dalton planted the seed money but are asking the community to match their donation. The matching-fund endeavor will continue through April 1.

“Roger and I have been very impressed with the way in which Living Love does business and how they care for the animals at the shelter,” Geneva Dalton said. “All of the volunteers are so caring with the pups and kittens. All of the volunteers really love their jobs and give so much. We wanted to provide them with this clinic.

“We hope that the community will step up and support this very needed project,” she added.

Donations to the matching-fund campaign can be made by check to Living Love Animal Rescue, P.O. Box 1266, Marble Falls, TX 78654. Contributions can also be made through the organization’s website, Officials ask donors write “matching fund” on the memo line of the check so they can properly acknowledge the donation.

Living Love Animal Rescue is a no-kill shelter with a 9½-acre facility outside of Marble Falls. It opened four years ago. In that time, the organization has rescued and found forever homes for more than 600 dogs and cats. There are currently more than 85 dogs and cats in the shelter’s care.

The clinic and isolation room would allow Living Love to provide better medical care for the animals.

“Over the years, we have had to make do with what we could afford to provide the best medical care for the animals. Fledgling facilities do that at first,” said Claire Edwards, Living Love founder and executive director. “But now, it’s just time to raise our level of care. We need to be able to properly isolate sick animals for treatment and to prevent contamination to the general population (of animals in Living Love’s care).”

Since opening the facility, Living Love has made many upgrades and improvements, including adding heating and air conditioning to the buildings housing the dogs and cats; building large indoor/outdoor kennels, which offer dogs room to run but also protect them from the elements; and adding windows and a new lighting system to the cattery, which helps both the felines and human volunteers.

“I have seen many shelters from Chicago to Houston and Dallas, and I am very impressed with Living Love,” Geneva Dalton said. “This rescue is a blessing to the Hill Country, and I pray that you will join Roger and me in supporting this most-needed clinic.

“These folks really do step up to the plate to help the needy animals,” she added.

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