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Llano Art Studio Tour goes digital March 28

Silversmith Charles Wendt is one of several artists filming his studio for a virtual Llano Art Studio Tour. Courtesy photo

The annual Llano Art Studio Tour is going online this year as a precaution against spreading COVID-19, the disease caused by a novel coronavirus now rated as a pandemic.

Videos of participating artists’ studios will be posted to the group’s Facebook page on Saturday, March 28. Different studios will be shown at different times throughout the day. Beginning at 1 p.m., @LAST organizer Cheryl Quallenberg will explain the process.

@LAST decided to put the tour online since artists have worked so hard to prepare for the event.

“They’ve been gearing up for a long time,” Quallenberg said. “We thought about rescheduling it for another date, but we’re not sure when that would be. It made sense to put it online.”

Silversmith Charles Wendt and artist Jade Thorpe agreed.

“I think it’s a better option than chucking it out the window,” Wendt said. “The tour is a very positive thing for me.”

“Definitely, we want to keep everybody safe,” Thorpe said. “This is kind of a good balance of keeping it going and keeping the community alive and making sure we don’t expose anybody.”

Thorpe and Wendt both keep their workspaces private and only open them to the public for this event. The two noted they have made friends of visitors who have come in the past — an added bonus, even if some don’t buy their art.

“I give them a firsthand view of what I do,” Wendt said. “What I create, to me, is a positive thing. I made some really good friends, and I have some good customers. They sit and talk. It’s a lot of fun.”

Artists are taking their own photos and shooting their own videos. Participating in the virtual tour are Ira Kennedy, Kathy Hudson Kennedy, Sheri Zoch, Ronda Harvey Ivy, Shirley Cunningham, Jade and Steve Thorpe, Lou Quallenberg and Mesquite Furniture, Valerie Smasal of Calamity and Grace, Wendt, and the Llano Fine Arts Guild. Any classes being held in conjunction with the tour have been canceled.

“It’s a fun event,” Thorpe said. “I’m bummed it won’t be in person. It’s definitely a fun event to be a part of.”

“It’s very disappointing for the artists,” Quallenberg said. “They work hard. They hoped to have the traffic and sales for this weekend.”

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Cheryl Quallenberg —
"Art can and will help us get through the tough times now and ahead of us, as it always has." ♡CherylQ The 10th Annual Llano Art Studo Tour @LAST held annually for the past 9 years has been turned into an online Art Studio Tour SATURDAY MARCH 28th 2020. Each of the 10 Studios will be sharing Video, photos and/or website links of their studios and work. PLEASE HELP SUPPORT THESE LOCAL ARTISTS A chance to win ONE of TWO $50 PRIZES if you "LIKE", "Share" AND "Comment" on each of the Videos Posted by the Llano Art Studio Tour on the EVENT Page SATURDAY MARCH 28th here: EVENT Several of the individual artists will be giving away door prizes as well so check it out! Please "Like" or "Follow" the Llano Art Studio Tour Page: PAGE: Check out the ONLINE EVENT: SATURDAY MARCH 28th "We are hoping that art can be the antidote to these dark and uncertain times." ♡CherylQ Thank you! Artfully and with L♡VE, Cheryl Quallenberg

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