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First-Ever Llano County Founders Day Celebration is June 15

A fiddle exhibit at the Llano County Museum, 310 Bessemer in Llano. Staff photo by Daniel Clifton

After 163 years as a county, Llano County is holding its first-ever event dedicated to its founding. Hosted by the Llano County Historical Museum, the Founders Day Celebration is 5-9 PM on Saturday, June 15, at the museum, 310 Bessemer in Llano.

Included in the price of admission are a meal, period music, tours, and talks from people with direct ties to the earliest days of the county.

To finish the evening, a fireworks display will illuminate the night sky from the banks of the Llano River.

Llano County was founded February 1, 1856, when the state separated it from Gillespie County and the Bexar District. On the south bank of the Llano River on June 14, 1856, an election determined that the city of Llano would be the county seat. The alternative site was the Bluffton and Tow area farther north.

The first permanent European settlers in Llano County were Germans, who established five settlements along the Llano River in 1847. Of those settlements, only Castell survives.

The event will includes stories of Llano, Castell, Tow, Bluffton, and Native American tribes who lived in the area.

Tickets are $15 for adults and $7 for children and may be purchased in advance by calling the Llano County Historical Museum at (325) 247-3026.

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