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2020 Llano Earth Art Fest is March 13-16

The Llano Earth Art Fest returns to the shores of the Llano River on March 13-16, 2020. Staff photo by Jennifer Greenwell

The 2020 Llano Earth Art Fest and World Rock Stacking Championships are March 13-16 on the rocky shoreline of the Llano River in Grenwelge Park. Just a block away from Llano’s historic downtown, more than 6,000 onlookers are expected to experience the sights and sounds of the World Rock Stacking and World Rock Skipping championships. Both amateur and professionals compete.

Entertainment includes live music, unconventional performers, educational exhibitions as well as a slew of installations by earth artists from around the world.

Since it began five years ago under the guidance of organizer Binky Morgan, LEAF has grown into the world’s largest rock-stacking event. It attracts people from across the country and beyond to watch, try their hand at balancing stones, and have fun with this puzzle-meets-earth artform.

Local stackers competing include Marcus Hammons, former champion Ceto Desai, Lou Quallenberg, and Lisa Miller. Competitions include height, balance, artistic, arches, and quality. Competitions are scheduled throughout both Saturday and Sunday, March 14 and 15. The rock skipping competition is noon on Monday, March 16.

Also returning is the Walking Tree of Life, an incredible magical living Ent, along with other fantastical performance artists.

The festival also includes free workshops to cultivate new ideas and skills. (Schedule coming soon!)

Musical acts include the Flying Balaika Brothers, Zander Burne, Wi’deya, Uncle Momma Kitty, The Great Trumpet, Minds Eye Muse, Rolling Frumkin Review, Jo James, and many more.

Visit the Llano Earth Art Fest website or Facebook for registration, reservations, information, and more.

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