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CANCELED: Llano Historical Cemetery Tour

The annual Llano Historical Cemetery Tour has been canceled this year due to flooding. File photo

UPDATE: Due to flooding, this year's Llano Historical Cemetery Tour has been canceled.

When Tommi Myers brainstorms ideas for the annual Llano Historical Cemetery Tour, she looks for people who helped shape the community. As she journeys into the past, Myers becomes a history detective.

“It takes time,” she said as she shuffled a pile of folders around her desk.

Myers, who is also the Llano County Library director, goes all in to prepare for the tour. She digs up historical information on the subjects and writes scripts for actors on the tour.

This year’s event starts at 5:30 p.m. Tuesday, Oct. 23, at Llano City Cemetery, 299 St. Mary St. Organizers will run five tours throughout the evening. Tickets are $10 ($5 for Friends of the Llano Library members) and are available at the library, 102 E. Haynie St.

This year, the tour highlights the early members and directors of the Woman’s Culture Club.

The Woman’s Culture Club began in 1901 when a group of women got together for a picnic and book discussion along the Llano River. During their conversations, they realized Llano needed a library.

This informal gathering became the Women’s Literary Society of Llano. The name was changed to the Clio Literary Society.

“Clio was one of the nine muses (in Greek mythology),” Myers explained. “And she was the muse of history.”

The society’s muse apparently didn’t last long as the group changed its name to the Woman’s Culture Club in 1905. It remains that today.

Name change notwithstanding, the organization wanted to work for the betterment of the community.

“It was their dream to establish a library in Llano for all of the public,” Myers said.

At first, members set up libraries in their homes, allowing people to browse and check out books. It wasn’t until 1939 that Llano built an actual library on the courthouse square. Half the building was for the library and the other half for the Woman’s Culture Club. This library came about thanks to a joint effort by the county and Works Project Administration, part of the American Deal, which helped employ millions of people to carry out public works projects across the country.

But the library’s foundation was set 38 years prior when those women gathered on the Llano River.

This year’s tour has seven stops in the cemetery at the graves of those early club members and officers. Volunteers will don period dress and share the women’s stories.

This isn’t meant as a Halloween event; it’s a historical tour. People will learn something about each of the seven women, the community at that time, and more.

One of the women for which Myers is writing a script is Jennie Clopton, for whom the 1939 library building was named. She was an initial member of the literary society and helped push for the library.

“There’s something about Jennie that many people don’t know,” Myers said. “She was …”

To find out this little-known fact and more, you’ll have to attend the 2018 Llano Historical Cemetery Tour. Call the library at (325) 247-5248 for more information or tickets.

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