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Dec. 8 in Llano Will Be Snow Much Fun

Llano Mayor Gail Lang (left) and Llano Chamber of Commerce Executive Director Briley Mitchell slide down the 15-foot hill during Snow Day. The event returns to Llano's Badu Park on Saturday, Dec. 8. Photo courtesy of Jo Ares

When it snowed in Midland, Briley Mitchell and his family would grab a pair of skis and rope to tie to the back of a pickup truck or go-cart. The driver pulled the skier on the family’s one-acre property, and they would pretend they were on a mountain gliding through the snow

When they relocated to Llano, and Mitchell, now the executive director of the Llano Chamber of Commerce, discovered the city hosted a Snow Day, he made it known he would be the first down the 15-foot snow hill.

How does Llano's Snow Day compare to the ones in Midland?

“This is a lot safer,” he said of the Llano event. “It’s definitely a lot safer and a lot more fun.”

Snow Day, hosted by Llano’s Christmas Lighting Committee, is 1-9 p.m. Saturday, Dec. 8, at Badu Park, 300 Legion Drive. Sleds are provided. All-day wristbands are $10 each and guarantee “as many sleighs and slides as you want,” Mitchell said.

Organizers will also set up a designated snow play area for the kids.

Sledders go down the hill two at a time, which prompted Mitchell to challenge other city and county leaders to join him for a ride. He threw one of those challenges to Mayor Gail Lang.

Lighting committee member Kim Webb also had snow where she grew up, so when she moved to Llano, she wanted to ensure her new neighbors and friends had the same opportunity to enjoy it like she did.

Mitchell said people need to bring a hat, gloves, and a change of clothing, especially if they plan to stay most of the day, because they will get wet.

If people are like Mitchell, a change of clothes will come in handy. He usually has 12 sled rides before he calls it a day and heads to Starry, Starry Nights, the city’s Christmas lights display, which is also at Badu Park.

Go to or call (325) 247-5354 for more on Snow Day and other upcoming Llano events.

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