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Unlimited sled rides at Llano Snow Day

All ages enjoy sledding down the hill during Llano's annual Snow Day. This year’s event is 1-9 p.m. Saturday, December 14, at Badu Park, 300 W. Legion Drive. Photo courtesy of the Llano Chamber of Commerce

Snow Day makes Llano Chamber of Commerce Executive Director Briley Mitchell feel like a kid again.

“I’m one of the first to go down the hill,” he said with a grin. “I’m the big kid.”

This year’s chamber-hosted event is 1-9 p.m. Saturday, December 14, at Badu Park, 300 W. Legion Drive.

An ice-covered hill and sleds are provided. Sledders just need $10 for a wristband and unlimited rides. There's a height requirement for sledders.

According to Mitchell, you can usually make four trips down the hill in an hour, depending on how long the line is.

“Every time is different because the first one, the snow is all pristine,” he said. “As the day goes on, it starts icing down. (The sledding) gets faster then.”

A small snow area off to the side of the hill is for the kids not quite tall enough to sled.

Visitors are encouraged to bring a change of clothes to replace the ones that will get wet while sledding.

“And we prefer people don’t bring their own sled to not tear up the ice,” Mitchell said.

It takes 90 minutes and 35,000 pounds of ice to create the 15-foot hill.

Don’t be surprised to see Mitchell challenge people to sled races. After all, he and Mayor Gail Lang have friendly battles every year.

“Sometimes, I beat the mayor 'cause I cheat,” Mitchell laughed. “In politics, that’s okay. I sneak off before she does. Last year, she may have cheated the second time. The third time, she won fair and square.”

This year, she’ll know what to watch for!

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