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Barbecue Cook-off in Burnet Features Good Food and Food Network

The Lonestar Barbecue Society Cooker of the Year state championship cook-off is Jan. 20-21 at the Burnet County Fairgrounds. A film crew will be shooting a pilot for Food Network during the event.

BURNET — The year’s Lonestar Barbecue Society Cooker of the Year state championship cook-off will have an added ingredient: a TV crew shooting a pilot for the Food Network.

“They wanted to (shoot) in Dallas,” the society’s Harvey Gebhard said. “They called me to ask me if I knew of any cook-offs there. I told them, ‘Why don’t you come to the Texas Hill Country where it’s beautiful? Come down here among the rednecks where it’s friendly.’”

The cook-off is Friday and Saturday, Jan. 20-21, at the Burnet County Fairgrounds, 1301 Houston Clinton Drive.

First up on Friday is the grilled cheese competition with turn-in to the judges at 8 p.m. The cost is $25 with the top three winners splitting 100 percent of the entries as the prize money.

On Saturday is the world championship bean cook-off. After paying the $25 entry fee, cooks will receive a pound of beans. Turn-in is 11 a.m. The top three winners will split the entries.

Also on Saturday, chicken will be judged at noon, followed by ribs at 1:30 p.m., and brisket at 3 p.m.

The cost to compete in the meat categories is $100, whether you cook in all three categories or only one or two.

Each meat category will have five winners. First place receives $500, second gets $400, third receives $300, fourth earns $200, and fifth takes $100.

If a member of the Lonestar Barbecue Society is the grand champion and in good standing, he or she will receive an extra $300, while the reserve champion, who also must be a member of the society in good standing, will receive an extra $200.

Food judges and extras for the TV pilot are needed. Call Gebhard at (512) 689-7249 for more information.

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