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See Malibu Rider Experience on Lake Marble Falls

Catch a few professionals, and newcomers. wakeboarding at the World Wake Association’s Malibu Rider Experience on Lake Marble Falls on Saturday, April 30, and Sunday, May 1. Courtesy photo

Watch beginner and professional wakeboarders and wakesurfers carve a watery storm on Lake Marble Falls at the Malibu Rider Experience on Saturday-Sunday, April 30-May 1. The World Wake Association hosts the event, which starts at 9 a.m. both days at Lakeside Park, 305 Buena Vista Drive.

Admission is free for spectators. Bring blankets, chairs, and tents.

On Saturday, wake riders have an opportunity to learn for the first time or get tips on a new trick from Malibu Boats Pro athletes. Individuals must register with the WWA and choose “Shreddin’ Saturday.” The WWA welcomes all ages and ability levels.

Sunday features the central regional championship for WWA. Competitors can register in more than one level, and winners are qualified to participate in the national championship in Florida in 2022.

“It’s awesome that it’s in Marble Falls,” said Jack Guenther, owner of Texas Wake Academy, a local wakeboarding and wakesurfing camp. “I traveled as far as Colorado for the same event when I was competing.”

The event is part of WWA’s amateur tour, which includes five stops across the United States, Guenther said. He qualified for and competed in the national competition twice. Academy students from last summer will be showing off their skills this year. Spectators can expect to see the less experienced wakeboarder crossing and jumping the wake and then becoming a little more advanced with an ollie (jumping out of the water without the use of the wake) or a tail grab (grabbing the tail of the board with the back hand).

The more advanced wakeboarding and wakesurfing tricks include front and back flips, jumping over boats and other riders, and rotations up to two and a half times.

For more information, go to the WWA website.

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