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Marble Falls READS Makes Connection

Wyatt McSpadden, who shot the photos for his book “Texas BBQ,” is the first guest of Marble Falls READS. The program is noon Friday, Jan. 11, at the Marble Falls Public Library, 101 Main St. It includes a free lunch. Sign up by calling the library at (830) 693-3023. Courtesy photo

Technology has changed people’s lives in so many ways, including how they use their local libraries.

In fact, the days of going to the library just to check out a book ended decades ago. Today’s libraries are becoming more of a gathering place, where people use meeting rooms for educational purposes, to improve their life skills, or to socialize.

That made Mary Seaman, a tech at the Marble Falls Public Library, to consider the community as a whole, including the various businesses and nonprofits in the area and those who frequent the facility. She purposely searched for some common themes.

That’s how she developed Marble Falls READS, which has the goal of bringing people together through reading and books. Marble Falls READS launches in 2019 and will have two gatherings a month that reinforce the same unique theme for that period complete with recommended reading.

“I wanted a program that connected the community with the library, the businesses, and other nonprofits to make the library stand out more, ” Seaman said.

She added that business owners and nonprofit directors could use the library to share what they do with an audience. Some examples include those associated with farmers’ markets, service leagues, and the like.

“We all work together to make the community good for our patrons,” Seaman said.

The first gathering is noon Friday, Jan. 11, with guest Wyatt McSpadden, who shot photos for his book “Texas BBQ,” which immortalized barbecue joints in the Lone Star State. It includes a free lunch.

The second gathering is 3 p.m. Friday, Jan. 18, and features Ken Reed, manager of BrisketU, a class that teaches people how to choose the right wood, tools, and meat and trim and prepare it for the smoker, all while enjoying a beer from the host brewery.

“I chose ones I could find information on,” Seaman said. “My authors are a little more well-known.”

These programs are free to attend. The ones that include free lunches require advance reservations.

The library is located at 101 Main St. Call (830) 693-3023 to make a reservation or for more information. Go to for other upcoming events.

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