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Reveille Peak Ranch abounds in scenic adventures

Two mountain bikers grind their way up the granite of Reveille Peak Ranch, 1,350 acres of outdoor paradise just 15 minutes from Burnet. Courtesy photo

The scenic beauty and potential for adventure are hallmarks of the Highland Lakes, and Reveille Peak Ranch undeniably showcases those qualities. The ranch is a major mountain biking destination in Texas but also offers trail running, horseback riding, camping, and more.

Reveille Peak Ranch is located at 105 CR 114 off of RR 2341, less than 15 minutes from Burnet in the heart of the Texas Hill Country.

“You get some incredible and beautiful terrain,” owner Vol Montgomery said. “Even if you’ve grown up in Austin all your life, you haven't really been exposed to the scenery and rock formations that are a part of the Llano Uplift.”

Montgomery is referencing the dramatic granite outcroppings and high elevation that characterize the local landscape. The Llano Uplift is a geological region of Central Texas that happens to be perfect for mountain biking.

Reveille Peak Ranch spans 1,350 acres and has over 60 miles of rideable trails and 400 feet of elevation gain. These combined factors make the ranch arguably one of the best mountain biking spots in Texas.

Reveille Peak Ranch and the nearby Spider Mountain Bike Park are important fixtures for Texas mountain bikers because they offer the space and elevation that are hard to find on public land across the state. Texas is 45th in the nation when it comes to available public land, meaning relatively few venues are open to mountain biking unless facilitated by private land and business owners.

The trails at Reveille Peak Ranch vary in difficulty from easy to expert. While the ranch does not offer lessons in mountain biking, it is a great place to learn. Specialized Bikes has a demo center on site where you can rent bikes Friday, Saturday, and Sunday.

Competitive mountain bikers looking for a challenge can take part in some serious events at the ranch, including the Austin Rattler and Texas Enduro.

Mountain biking is not the only draw to Reveille Peak Ranch. Those on foot have access to the same trails as mountain bikers. The miles and miles of trails and elevation gain also create an exceptional hiking experience.

If you’re looking for more extreme events, Reveille Peak hosts several serious trail running events, including The Spartan Race and Tejas Trails series.

You can also go horseback riding. As of the summer of 2022, this is a seasonal offering, running from September through May, but the ranch plans to have year-round riding opportunities in the future. It is one of the few facilities in the area to provide its own horses to riders.

If you are interested in popping a tent or parking your RV, overnight camping is also available. Campers have access to the grounds, restrooms, electricity, and water, depending on location.

“Even on the busiest weekends, you can hike, bike, or ride and feel like you have the ranch to yourself, except for the cattle and wildlife,” Montgomery said. “It’s a great place to relax and recharge.”

Few locations in the Highland Lakes offer such a diversity of outdoor opportunities as Reveille Peak Ranch, and those opportunities should be taken advantage of by locals and visitors alike.



Day passes: $10 for ages 12 and older; $5 for ages 6-11; free for ages 5 and younger

Overnight camping:

  • First night is $30 for ages 12 and older; $15 for ages 6-11; free for ages 5 and younger
  • Each additional night is $20 for ages 12 and older; $10 for ages 6-11; free for ages 5 and younger

Stop at the Check-hut to make payments; cash/check only


Reveille Peak Ranch is open 24 hours Monday-Wednesday and Friday-Sunday. It is closed from sunrise until noon on Thursdays.

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