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Science Mill Offering Adults-Only Tours Starting in January

The Science Mill in Johnson City. Staff photo by Jared Fields

JOHNSON CITY — Why do kids always get the fun when it comes to science, technology, engineering, art, and math? Everywhere you turn, someone is professing the benefits of STEAM for kids and why youth need hands-on programs and events to get them interested in those topics.

Yet, getting a grasp on STEAM could really help adults as well. If they get an idea what’s so important about these areas of study, they’re likely to become stronger advocates for them with their own kids.

But just how does an adult learn about STEAM?

The Science Mill, that’s where.

While typically geared toward youth, the Johnson City facility is adding adults-only tours starting in January.

Visitors can experience the intersection of history, science, art, and architecture with guided tours of the museum and its amazing exhibits. Museum staff will lead the tours.

Participants will:

• get a glimpse into the history of the Science Mill, which is housed in an 1880s cotton mill;

• explore the museum’s unique architecture that blends old and new, including the 40-foot grain silos now housing interactive exhibits;

• see Johnson City as it was years ago in the “A Mill in Time” photo exhibition;

• discover unique pieces of art created by local artists especially for the Science Mill;

• watch a short 3-D science movie.

You will also see how art and science intersect to create a world of curiosity and beauty in creative and interactive exhibits, including:

• Silo of McKays created by Wimberley artist McKay Otto. This contemplative art installation combines light and sound in a space for meditation and reflection.

• Fractalarium, which combines mathematics, art, and biology. This colorful large-scale model demonstrates how fractals — or repeating patterns — occur in nature.

And that’s just a taste.

The tour costs $20 per person, which includes admission and lunch. For groups of 10 or more, it’s $17 per person. The Science Mill has three dates scheduled at this point with more to be announced: Sunday, Jan. 7; Monday, Feb. 5; and Sunday, Feb. 25.

The facility is located at 101 S. Lady Bird Lane in Johnson City.

The Science Mill is a nonprofit that opened in 2015 to provide opportunities for youth to explore STEAM concepts through hands-on exhibits and displays. Call (844) 263-6405 ext. 1005 to reserve a spot on one of the adult tours.

Go to for more information about the Science Mill.

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