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New Sculpture on Main art revealed in Marble Falls

Cindy Debold's 'Imagination' (left) and Dan Pogue's 'Mystic Flight' are two of the newest works of art being installed in downtown Marble Falls' Sculpture on Main exhibit. Courtesy photos

Five new works of public art will be unveiled at the second annual Sculpture on Main Street Fest on November 8-9 in downtown Marble Falls. Along with art demonstrations, meet-the-artist sessions, and live music, the city will dedicate the latest installations in its 14-year-old Sculpture on Main project.

“This is a community that values and supports art,” said Bill Rives, event chairman and board member of Highland Lakes Creative Arts, the organization behind Sculpture on Main and the festival. “We are building an image of Marble Falls as being an art oasis in the Hill Country and a place that’s art-friendly.”

The two-day event is 3-7 p.m. Friday, November 8, and 10 a.m.-5 p.m. Saturday, November 9, on Main Street. Art will be available for sale through the Texas Society of Sculptors, an Austin-based nonprofit that promotes the works of about 100 artist-members.

A nonprofit organization, Highland Lakes Creative Arts promotes creative and performing arts in the region. The second of the group’s two main events, Paint the Town, occurs in the spring. Sculpture on Main is a year-long public art exhibit featuring works by regional artists who submit their pieces for temporary installation. Each sculpture is usually on display for about two years with several pieces rotating out each year. HLCA tries to keep at least 12 pieces up throughout the year.

The festival was created last year as a way to introduce the new works and give people a chance to meet the artists and get a feel for their own creative sides. In 2018, however, the October flood delayed installation of the new sculptures. This year, the five new pieces will be up and ready for unveiling in plenty of time for the festival, Rives said, thanking the city of Marble Falls for its help with installation.

“We hope the festival is a fun way to say look what we are doing in Marble Falls,” Rives said. “Downtown continues to grow and evolve. This is just one more reason to come into Marble Falls and spend some time in the center, the heart of the city, and see what we have to offer.”

This year’s artists include well-known faces as well as new.

In a repeat performance, local artist Dan Pogue will reveal a 400-pound bronze sculpture called "Mystic Flight." Pogue’s works are installed in locations around the world. Most recently, he completed a full-size hippo that will be partially submerged in a fountain in the city of Hutto.

Susan Calkin, who works in stone and metal, lives near San Antonio, where she founded a nonprofit community art center. Her piece, which she calls a “fabulous fading flower,” is 12 feet tall and weighs 125 pounds.

Another Marble Falls artist, Harry Angel, works in wood. He prefers mesquite, which he first encountered after moving to Texas years ago.

Cindy Debold’s piece, "Imagination," weighs about 50 pounds and is 11 feet tall. It is made of stainless steel and wood. DeBold lives in Lago Vista.

"Batik," a piece by Marla Ripperda, stands almost 7 feet on a metal plate. The distinction is in the detail of this elegant, tall white crane, which is embossed with an intricate pattern. A Central Texas artist, Ripperda also works in oil on canvas.

Most of the action at the festival will be under a tent erected over the municipal parking lot at Main and Third streets. The entire street will be hopping, however, from the restaurants to the gift shops to the confectioners.

“Art is a critical element in a quality of life that people enjoy and want to embrace,” Rives said. “It scratches an itch that nothing else can.”

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