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Amazing Grace Race for God and family unity

Amazing Grace Race participants Mauri Harris (left), Minister Johnny Mosely, Marlo Harris, Israel Mosley, and Brother Johnnel Mosley await the start of the competition. The fourth annual event is 4 PM Sunday, June 23, at Smoking for Jesus, 1804 FM 2342 in Burnet. Courtesy photo

The Amazing Grace Race hosted by Smoking for Jesus Ministry begins at 4 PM on Sunday, June 23, on church grounds, 1804 FM 2342 in Burnet. Based on the TV reality show “The Amazing Race,” the event brings families closer together as they use teamwork to complete each challenge.

Now in its fourth year, the race costs $35 per family with no limit on the number of players in each group. The cost also includes lunch. The deadline to sign up is Tuesday, June 18.

“You run this race for God,” said coordinator Paige Roberson, adding that the inspiration for the event comes from 1 Corinthians 9:24-27 about running a race to win a prize that lasts forever.

“Ultimately, we want to get to heaven,” she continued. “That’s where we want to see each other.”

Families earn points at each challenge, including a banana- and pie-eating contests, a bike race (bring your own bicycles), and more.

Once all the challenges are completed, each family receives an overall point total. Awards are presented to first, second, and third places. Each family receives a participation certificate.

Although fathers take the lead, mothers are also included in the race aimed at family unity. Hosted by the Smoking for Jesus Men’s Ministry, the event has a Father’s Day theme, although held the week after Father’s Day weekend.

“A father leads out his kids,” she said. “The fact the father and families finish the race together is the most exciting part.”

She noted that single mothers and their children are welcome to compete, too.

“It’s a competition, and it’s good to see families come together and work together to finish the race,” Roberson said. “I’m seeing smiling faces on kids happy to be with family members and enjoying everything they do.”

Smoking for Jesus is a nondenominational church.

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