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NONPROFIT WISH LIST: Spay It Forward, Y’all

Somewhere among all these happy dogs is Sid Holden, founder of Spay It Forward, Y’all. The organization rescues dogs, particularly from the Texas-Mexico border, and finds them forever homes. The organization needs more foster homes, dog food, dog crates, blankets and towels, and monetary donations. Staff photo by Daniel Clifton

Sid Holden is a whirlwind of a person. She’s dashing here, racing there, and, occasionally, stopping elsewhere for a few moments to talk about her love of dogs and, especially, her nonprofit dedicated to rescuing canines: Spay It Forward, Y’all.

“There’s always more (dogs) to save,” she said during a stop by The Picayune and KBEY 103.9 FM Radio Picayune offices.

Spay It Forward, Y’all specializes in rescuing dogs from the Texas-Mexico border, where the number of canines in shelters far exceeds the homes waiting to adopt them. Many, if not most, of the dogs will be euthanized.

That’s where Holden and Spay It Forward, Y’all come in. Holden and other volunteers make regular trips to the border to rescue dogs headed for death. Then, they find these dogs forever homes, even if it means transporting the animals across the United States.

Since Spay It Forward, Y’all has no physical facility or shelter, it relies on volunteers to foster the dogs.

“We could always use more foster homes,” Holden said. “That’s probably our biggest need right now.”

Fostering is an important part of the process for finding dogs homes. But, Holden pointed out, not everyone can foster. So there are other ways to help Spay It Forward, Y’all.

Monetary donations are always appreciated, but if you’re someone who likes to pick out a gift and drop it off, Holden has a few suggestions.

“Crates,” she said. “We need (dog) crates.”

The organization uses the dog crates — of all sizes — for transporting the canines. During the long trips to forever homes, the crates help keep the dogs safe. In the past, Spay It Forward, Y’all has teamed up with Pilots N Paws, a group of volunteer private pilots, to transport dogs by airplane. The crates make it much easier on the dogs and pilots.Along those lines, Spay It Forward, Y’all could also use more towels and blankets.

And, “dog food,” she added, “we can always use more dog food.”

Email Holden at to contribute something or learn more about becoming a foster. Or, visit “Spay It Forward Y’all” on Facebook for more information.

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